Last Respects to the Pope, Much Thanks to the Catholic Insider

catholicinsider_banner_by.gifIn my honest opinion, the Catholic Insider podcast has done revolutionary work for podcasting and distributing news to the masses. Im not Catholic, but do respect the Pope and am extremely grateful to Father Roderick (from the Catholic Insider) for providing such a great service to the world through his podcast.

I was touched in a way I have never been through listening to his podcast and watching the events unfold in a way that only podcasting could provide.

“As millions of pilgrims streamed into Rome this past week, a Dutch priest led Internet listeners on an intimate audio tour that allowed them to pay one last visit to Pope John Paul II before he was laid to rest…Father Roderick Vonhogen brought the Catholic Church’s ancient rites to life through a cutting-edge format: the podcast, a radio-style show that is distributed over the Internet.”

Read more about the the Catholic Insider and his works.

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