Clear Channel: LIM Campaign

radiomonitor.gifIn an effort to combat the rise of many new distribution methods, radio and CC, have come up with their LIM Campaign which means…Less Is More.

From what I gather, they are reducing the number of commercials (especially longer commercials) and charging more for them. They claim to be “selling more 30-second spots than before its Less Is More initiative began … and 15-second commercials are the company’s fastest growing revenue stream of the past two years.”

A lot more needs to be done, but it seems that they are on the right path to saving themselves…but will it be enough to conquer the podcasting movement? I say for now, there is still a need for traditioinal FM, although not much. The day that I pull my car into my driveway and my cars’ FM receiver connects to my home media center for podcast updates, radio is dead. Is this a far fetched idea? Not by any means.

Call to Action: In the forums at there have been discussions about how to make the above scenario happen. The problem right now is that it requires me to have a computer in my car. Not feasible. What other solutions are there to have my car sync with my house automatically?

Read the Billboard Radio Monitor article here.

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