Audio Hijack Updated…Significantly

audiohijacklogo.jpgFor all you Macintosh podcasters (especially you who have already upgraded to Tiger 10.4) you will be happy to know that software company Rogue Amoeba has updated their popular audio tool Audio Hijack.

The new version is claimed to be their most significant free update to a software package ever. Here is a short list of some of the new and improved features in the new v2.5:

  • Improved Recording – New options and features for recording
      * AAC Quality Selector
      * More variables in ID3 tags and Naming field
      * Silence Monitor now features a “Stop Recording After” option
  • Full Applescriptability – Control Audio Hijack Pro with AppleScripts
  • Radio Input Source – Supporting Griffin’s RadioSHARK and D-Link’s DSB-R100
  • Application Mixer plugin – Allows input from multiple applications
  • System Audio Input Source – Hijack and Record all audio at once
  • Silence Generator Audio Device input – for use with VST instruments or the new Application Mixer plugin
  • Disk Status window – shows available disk space on all volumes
  • Additional plugin support – including Cocoa AudioUnit and AudioUnit Generator plugins
  • Overlapping Timer Detection – Checks timers to avoid overlapping recordings

Check out the new features and get your copy now on the Rogue Amoeba Website.

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