Legal Issues Shutdown WCKG Podcast

radiomonitorlogo.gifIt may come as no surprise to some of you reading this, but a Radio Broadcaster turned Podcaster has been forced to shut down his podcast. Apparently the content within the podcast was not covered in the agreement between Infinity Broadcasting and BMI, ASCAP, SESAC, etc.

“Chicago radio veteran and current Infinity talk WCKG afternoon host Steve Dahl has stopped making his show available as a podcast, a practice he started late last month, after discovering that podcasting is not covered under Infinity√ēs agreements with ASCAP, BMI and SESAC. Since downloads of the show are also not considered √ístreaming,? they have been halted as well.”

See the whole story at the Radio Billboard Monitor Website.

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  1. roark Says:

    Sounds like the “cassette tape tax” that congress was debating 20 years ago. Back when people were making tapes of their favorite music. Oh Man, the tragedy, how record companies were losing like a hundred dollars a year (lol) on people “Borrowing” their friends “Perfect Master Recording Quality” CDs and making their own tapes to listen to.

    Well, now we download billions of dollars worth of “borrowed” music from people we will never meet, The recording industry doesn’t support musicians, development, promotion, or anything else for that matter. Somehow they employ people to sit at a desk and make phone calls, with titles like A&R director, or producer. What a joke. It seems that the record industry will never get the meaning of making a honest dollar. To actually work for a living. The have perfected the art of being a leach sucking the artistry and integrety right out of the art of creating music.

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