BMI Clears the Air, Starts Podcast

bmilogo.gifFor those of you that have been keeping your eyes on certain areas of the recording industry, this story might interest you. In a recent press release, BMI’s website not claims to have “a clear path for podcasters to get more information on licensing music for their programs and to obtain BMI licenses 24 hours a day, 7 days a week”.

I know a few of you out there will want to pick this one apart….so let me know what you think. Another interesting thing they have started is a new podcast, promoting the music of recently signed artists.

“The podcast is a natural evolution of our long tradition of promotional CDs and our nationwide series of live showcases promoting new songwriter/artists,” said Graham. “Our close collaboration with creative executives at record companies and music publishers has shown a lot of excitement for this new format because of its immediacy and its portability. In addition, the availability of the podcast on, which reaches almost a million visitors each month, should be an excellent way of letting new talent reach its audience.”

Read the news story on their website. Unfotunately, they have not submitted to Podcast Alley yet, so no link to it.

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