MSN Alerts: Do they Make sense for Podcasting?

msnlogo.gifOk. I have been reading news all day about a service that used to be called MessageCast. It was just bought out by Microsoft and rolled into a service they are calling “MSN Alerts”.

From what I gather from the new MSN site (which is completely awful, I cant even really find out what the site really does) this service will allow you to get an email, IM or SMS about updates to something that interests you. I didnt really understand at first how this made any sense until I started at looking at some of the affiliates they have.

* FOX Sports – Sports scores and updates from Fox Sports
* – Receive forecast and inclement weather alerts
* MSN Hotmail – Receive reminders of appointments, due dates, birthdays

But the problem is, they have only really been in the news (at least in my searching) because they have announced a podcasting service as well. They will send you an IM, SMS or email letting you know that updates are available for one of the podcasts you subscribe to.

Honestly, isn’t this why we have developed podcasts with RSS and the aggregators the way we have? I don’t need an SMS every time Adam Curry makes a new Daily Source Code. I just need to look in iPodder and it will show me it when it is downloaded and ready to play.

Maybe its just me. Your thoughts?

3 Responses to “MSN Alerts: Do they Make sense for Podcasting?”

  1. Steve Says:

    I think you’re missing the point – you use a podcast aggregator, but plenty of folks don’t. As a podcaster, I LOVE the fact that I have to do nothing to get this to work and my listeners can find out via SMS/Email/IM is they want to

    Try not to be so negative

  2. theFerf Says:

    Im not being negative… I was looking for EXACTLY what you told me! :) I just didnt get why you would want an aggregator to download your podcast and then another service to send a message to you in email to let you know there was a new show.

    Now it makes sense. I always forget that there are podcast listeners out there who dont use aggregators, they either listen through the podcast player or by downloading the mp3 manually.

  3. Steve Says:

    Adam C actually quoted this the other day – only 25% of his downloads are via a podcatcher. The rest are people clicking on the link on his website

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