Gives you the Price of Podcast Sponsorships

investorscomlogo.gifOk folks, most of you reading this are probably not pulling major $$ for producing your podcasts right now. But thanks to MarketWatch (and we now know how much Weblogs, Inc pulled to work with Volvo and GM.

“Volvo paid Weblogs Inc. $60,000 to sponsor the Web log and podcast for six months, BusinessWeek Online reported. Four months into the deal, the podcast, an audio program that can be downloaded from the Internet, has been retrieved 20,000 times.”

Kinda makes you think, now doesnt it? Im also wondering now about that 20,000 number…is that the total for 6 months? What differentiates this number and the amount of money given to them from other podcasters that have around 3,300 listeners a month? You can read more on the Website and leave your comments here.

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  1. Jason Evangelho Says:

    That is NOT a large number. 20000 hits?
    It certainly can’t be the subscriber base…

    My show has had 100,000 complete downloads in 4 months. This makes one ponder…

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