TV Guide Starts Podcasting

tvguidelogo.gifI usually do not talk much about podcasts that have not submitted to the Podcast Alley directory yet, but I will make the exception this time. TV Guide has decided to jump into the podcasting arena with their very own podcast.

“In this exclusive weekly Podcast, you can listen to Michael Ausiello and the crew as they provide inside scoop, offbeat opinions and answers to your questions about the latest entertainment headlines, the hottest TV shows, the newest movies and the biggest celebrities. Just follow the easy directions below and you’ll be able to enjoy pop culture on the go, at your desk or at home anytime you need a fix!”

I cant say really that I watch all that much TV, but this podcast for some reason has caught my eye. I will add it to my temporary subscription list and give it a whirl.

Find the Podcast, and info, at

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  1. Michael Says:

    I am listening to the TV Guide podcast. It is excellent. And I don’t even watch TV.


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