Podcasting Excites MoMA Tours!

nytimeslogo.gifIf you have ever taken a tour of a museum or an art gallery you may know how dry the tour may be, especially if you decide to pay the $5 price for an audio companion to guide you through. Well, be bored no more. A professor of communications and a few of his college students have used podcasting to “spice up” your tour through MoMA (the Museum of Modern Art). Here is a piece of what you may here now:

“Now, let’s talk about this painting sexually,” a man’s deep voice said. “What do you see in this painting?” — A woman, giggling, responded on the audio track: “Oh my God! You’re such a pervert. I can’t even say what that – am I allowed to say what that looks like?”

As you can see, this is a scad different then the dry audio you may be expecting to hear at a museum or from your tour guide. Podcasting is truly revolutionizing the world. If you will be heading to MoMA soon, dont forget to download the podcast for the MoMA tour before you go. If you are looking to help with the “Remix MoMA” project, check out their website and find out how you can submit your new age reviews of art at MoMA.

- Read the NY Tims Article (sign in required) for more information.

- Get the Podcast or Help to make it larger/better at Their Website.

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