Steve Jobs Plays Adam Currys Podcast

On the website their was a post about Steve Jobs. The post oultined Mr.Jobs keynote at WWDC. Here is the snippet about Podcasting:

“10:12am PDT – Steve is explaining Podcasting. ÒTiVo for radio.? ÒWayneÕs World for radio.? ÒWe see it as the hottest thing going in radio.? 8,000+ podcasts and growing.

10:14am PDT – ÒThe pros have realized this is huge.? Rush Limbaugh, ABC News NBC News ESPN Disney Proctor & Gamble etc, long list. ot surprisingly, iTunes is adding Podcasting support, including a podcast directory in the iTMS. [Which is old news to us] ÒYou donÕt have to type URLs into iTunes, although you can still do that.? Demo: Adam Curry podcast in iTunes.

10:15am PDT – Curry sound bite: ÒSixty million dollars worth of airplay strapped to my ass.? KCRW demo.

10:16am PDT – The Treatment KCRW show, with fat-sounding Kruder & Dorfmmeister theme music. The point being a podcast can sound as good as satellite radio. iTunes shows album cover art to go with songs being Ôcast.

Folks, the countdown is on. Podcasting is about to hit 10+ Million computers across the world. Fasten your seatbelt, this is going to be good.

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