Podcast Description Tutorial

Ok, this is not really a tutorial, but having personally read through 1000′s of podcast titles and descriptions, let me offer up a little bit of advice to new podcasters (and old podcasters). Your show description is the ONLY chance (90% of the time) you have at getting someone to test and/or subscribe to your podcast. You must put a lot of effort into a great description that will not only differentiate you from the next guy, but will also make people want to subscribe to your podcast. Here is a great example of a Good Podcast Desription, one that I am now subscribed to.


Tech News Review
Published early each morning, Tech News Review is a podcast for IT professionals which summarizes the latest technology news and headlines from around the world.

To me, this is a wonderful description. Clear, to the point and professional enough to make me trust their expertise enough to test the podcast. Want to know what a bad description would be? Something like this:

My name is Ferf and this podcast is about whatever I want to talk about…everything from my dog to my job.”

You get the point, I hope.

See more about the Tech News Review Podcast Right Here

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