AMP Music Library Goes Live

AMP Music Library

AMP Music Library,
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As another service to podcasters, the Association of Music Podcasting has officially opened up their music library to podcasters. Here is a quote from the Insomnia Radio Website:

“It can be very difficult for a ragtag group of merry indie music podcasters, who have day jobs, and don’t have money as a group, to come together and pull something off. But sometimes we actually do just that.

Back in the day, pre AMP schism, we had started to form a library of music where our members can draw upon a database of music that has been cleared by the artists without any sort of heinous restrictions or over-reaching licensing. Just a straight up “you can use this and we will credit you and there you have it.”

So after much time and effort, we have put it live. We have a lot to put back in there, and a lot of work to do to get it going the way it should, but its a start.

Check out the library if you want to peek. If you are in a band head on over to the signup page and send some music our way. Please read the terms and conditions carefully. We want you to know we respect you.

From Jason: We still have some kinks to work out, but if you have any suggestions please email us! [email protected]

Zip on over to the AMP Music Library Website to get more info.

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