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Congratulations to Scott Sigler (from Earthcore, Ancestor, Infection, the Rookie and the upcoming… Nocturnal). He was recently published, with this sexy photo, in a New York Times article talking about authors finding their audience with podcasting. Sigler is one of the hardest working men in podcasting so the credit is due. Give the article a read if you have a chance.

A snippet from the Article:

Scott Sigler writes science-fiction horror novels, the kind one fan called “steel-tipped boot on your throat, speed-metal fiction.” Mr. Sigler has written four such books, though not many people have actually read them. How many have listened to them, though, is a different story…

PS: Don’t make any “coming out of the closet” jokes (because of the photo and the fact that Sigler records all of his shows in his home closet) or you will have to face his wrath on your own!

>> The New York Times Article on Sigler

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  1. Scott Sigler: #7 on the Amazon Top 100 Says:

    [...] What a great world we live in that this dude, one of the hardest working people in our industry, can reach the same levels as Harry Potter through podcasting. I love it. [...]

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