Mobile Audio Podcast Editing from ANY Browser

Myna Free Audio Recording Tool

Myna Free Audio Recording Tool

If you are a podcaster who is creating content ALL the time, it can be a hassle (or honestly, a big expense) to have dedicated recording hardware and software. Imagine if you could hook a microphone into any computer that was connected to the internet and instantly record and publish a PRO quality podcast with all the bells and whistles of an expensive editor?! That time has come.

A few months ago Aviary, a company whose mission statement reads, “…on a mission to make creation accessible to artists of all genres, from graphic design to audio editing” launched a new online audio editing application called Myna.This browser based application is fairly revolutionary considering the features it has, all crammed into an online-only web application. They boast features that allow you to do the following:

Interesting Features:

  • apply sound effects and equalizer functions
  • record your own voice or instruments
  • powerful clip editing
  • automated fade-ins and outs
  • multi-track editing
  • audio/loop library
  • export out of the browser into other editing programs (to .wav or .mp3)
  • an intuitive user interface

Check them out here (where you will find a pre-filled demo of their audio tools and access to your FREE account).

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