Auto-Sync and Flash Player Embed Plugin for WordPress

Mevio WordPress Plugin

Mevio WordPress Plugin

If you are a Mevio producer, you are in luck! There is finally a stable release of the plugin that fully syncs podcasts from your Mevio profile to your personal blog! It automatically embeds the Mevio flash player, show notes and a link to download the episode into your WordPress powered blog.

Setup is easy, just drop the plugin in your /wp-admin/ folder, activate it, type in the name of your show sub-domain and you are off to the races! I have tested it with great success syncing full show notes, episodes and embedded player too.

What about  you, have you tested this plugin? As far as I know, Mevio has not widely promoted this plugin. If you have experience in using this please leave a review in the comments… we would love to know other peoples experience!


  • Automatically post your show episodes from to your WordPress blog
  • Automatically embed the media player into your episode blog posts
  • Include your complete episode show-notes as blog posts
  • Upload your episode at then “ping” your blog to update
  • Choose the size of the embedded media player
Plugin Options

Plugin Options

About the Plugin

Cross publish between your account and your WordPress blog. This WordPress plugin provides a straightforward way to take video and audio episodes uploaded to your account and add them to your WordPress blog as posts, including show notes, media link, and automatic insertion of the media player. View the Mevio Publisher WordPress Plugin Page.

Current version: 0.3 (Beta)Release Date: 24 September 2009Requires: WordPress V2.8 or higher, and a show with published media episodes at


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