Podcast Alley Server Maintenance Complete

Well, it took a lot less time than I anticipated.. less than 10 minutes as a matter of fact. So unless you are a hardcore PCA junky, you probably did not even notice it was down. We encountered a few minor issues that we are still working but the site is almost 100% functional!

If you find any issues with the site, please do not hesitate to email me at [email protected] to report the problems.  Further, if you notice how much faster and responsive the site is, just sit back and smile (you can email if you like as well:D ).

Podcast Alley Server Maintenance

Podcast Alley (www.podcastalley.com) will be going down, very soon, for a few system upgrades and some maintenance work. The down time should be minimal (read, less than one hour) while we perform these upgrades. At this time, Podcast Alley.com, the directory, the forum and the blog will be unavailable.

I hope this does not put too big of a cramp in your style… and if it does, feel free to email me your audio and video complaints to [email protected] and I will post them for all to enjoy when we come back up.

Thank you for your understanding.

Looking for Podcasting Directories

Do you know of a podcasting, videocasting, vlogging, new media or other related directory that content creators could take advantage of and get listed in? If so, please submit them to the Podcasting Directories section of Podcast Alley. This section (as well as every section of Podcast Alley) is designed to give content creators a leg up in finding places and ways to market their shows.

>> Visit the Podcast Directory Section Now and Submit Yours TODAY!

Bum Rush the Charts on March 22, 2007

Have you done your part to help push a indie/podsafe artist to the top of the iTunes charts today? It is officially March 22, 2007 .. the day when podcasters and those who are tired of having music forced down their throats take a stand. Go to iTunes now and purchase MINE AGAIN from Black Lab to do your part. Check out the text below, or visit their website, to find out more about how it works.

From the Bum Rush The Charts Website:
Podcasting gets little respect from traditional media. To them we’re little more than a joke, than amateurs. What they don’t understand is that podcasting is more than just a delivery mechanism – it’s a social movement. People are sick of the watered-down, cookie-cutter content that networks and record companies expect us to enjoy. People are tired of watching friends and loved ones get sued by record labels who only care about profits and nothing else, not even the artists they supposedly represent.

We want and deserve more. On March 22, 2007, we’re going to change that with your help.

>> Visit the BumRushTheCharts Website to find out more
>> Buy the Track from iTunes TODAY to do your part

Authors Find Their Voice, and Audience, in Podcasts – NYTimes.com


Congratulations to Scott Sigler (from Earthcore, Ancestor, Infection, the Rookie and the upcoming… Nocturnal). He was recently published, with this sexy photo, in a New York Times article talking about authors finding their audience with podcasting. Sigler is one of the hardest working men in podcasting so the credit is due. Give the article a read if you have a chance.

A snippet from the Article:

Scott Sigler writes science-fiction horror novels, the kind one fan called “steel-tipped boot on your throat, speed-metal fiction.” Mr. Sigler has written four such books, though not many people have actually read them. How many have listened to them, though, is a different story…

PS: Don’t make any “coming out of the closet” jokes (because of the photo and the fact that Sigler records all of his shows in his home closet) or you will have to face his wrath on your own!

>> The New York Times Article on Sigler

New at Podcast Alley : Forums for Musicians and Music Podcasters

I was looking for forums that talked about podcasting and music (including PodSafe music) and could not find much… so I decided to start a new section here on Podcast Alley! Topics include talk about music, interview requests, music news and general music chat. If you are a fan of the PodSafe Music Network or PodSafe music in general, these forums are for you.
While I am not claiming to know a whole lot about music, I know that there needs to be a place where people can talk about podcasting and music. Feel free to add your two cents, and if you can think of additional topics that should be added, email me!

Don’t forget, there is a “links and software” section dedicated to resources for PodSafe Music. Do you have one to share? Submit it now!

New at Podcast Alley : Claim, Validate and Edit Your Podcast

One of the most requested features at Podcast Alley has always been the ability for people to make changes to their feed after they have submitted it. It was planned from the start but had never been implemented until recently. Yeah, sorry about that.

Anyway, you can now claim and edit your feed on the Podcast Alley website. All you need to do is browse to your podcast on Podcast Alley, click on the “claim this podcast” link and follow the on-screen instructions. If you would like detailed information on how to claim and edit your feed, you can read the Claim and Edit Tutorial in the Podcast Alley resource center.

Now, one of the things people ask after claiming their feeds is “I claimed it, how come I can’t edit it?” We allow you to claim your feed in order to validate it, to change your feed URL and for you to get recommendations on how to make your feed better. We no longer require you to type in your show name, description, keywords, genre or any other details… it is now automatically gathered from your RSS feed! A few people think that this is a crippling effect or poor implementation. However, it is indeed a planned feature. For podcasters, your feed is of nearly unlimited value to you. Unless people find your show through your website (not very common), you need to give them the best information possible through your RSS feed. If there are errors in your feed, a poor description, missing contact information, missing album art or dozens of other issues, you are limiting your marketing efforts and potential audience.

When you submit your show to Podcast Alley, we validate your feed, provide recommendations as to how to make it better and then add it to Podcast Alley. If you update your feed, your show’s details on Podcast Alley will be updated automatically. No need for you to come back and make changes!

Give it a shot! Claim and edit your show, check out the recommendations to make your show better, and let me know what you think by commenting to this post or by starting a thread in the Podcast Alley Help Forums.

>> Read the Whole Tutorial Here

This Weekend: PodCamp West – San Francisco, CA

When: 11/18/2006 – 11/16/2006 From 12pm – 6pm
Where: Swedish American Hall (2174 Market St. San Francisco, CA)
Admission: FREE (but you must register)

About this Event:
PodcampWest is Free BarCamp style UnConference, for bloggers and readers, podcasters and listeners, VideoBloggers and new media of all types. PodcampWest is free to attend and was inspired by PodCamp Boston. Continuing the momentum, we are bringing PodCamp to the West Coast, the hub of tech activity. PodcampWest Venue will be announced soon and will be accessible by public transport.

Who Should Attend
Podcamp is for people interested in new media. Bloggers, Podcasters, Video Bloggers (Vloggers) are who the conference serves best. If you’re interested in doing something with new media, you’ll want to attend. Are you an individual or school or library wondering how to incorporate podcasting into projects and community events? Are you a corporation type wondering how you should get involved in new Media? Are you a venture group thinking about whether to invest in this new media space? Come to PodcampWest, you will learn and have the answers.

- Pre-Party – Friday 11/17, 6:30pm @ The Mint
- Day One Sessions – Saturday 11/18, 12pm to 6pm
- Day Two Sessions – Sunday 11/19, 12pm to 6pm
- After-Party – Saturday, 11/18, 6:00pm @ Cafe Du Nord

See more Events in the Podcast Alley Calendar.

This Weekend: PodcastCon UK 2006

When: Saturday 18 November 2006
Where: CCT Smithfield, London
Admission: £41.50

About the Event:
It started with PodcastCon UK 2005, which broke new ground as both Europe’s first podcasting conference and as the world’s first dedicated podcasting conference.True to the independent spirit of podcasting, four people — who had never met in person — created a conference to bring together podcasters, enthusiasts, tech-watchers, the media and many others. It was a gathering as diverse as it was vibrant and entertaining.What was originally envisioned as a handful of folks in a pub grew to a sponsored event in a posh London meeting room with 140 attendees gathered from all around the world. Live demos, speakers, and lots of social networking made it a day to remember.

The conference not only attracted people from all over the globe, but created a buzz online in the blogosphere, podosphere, and generated media coverage from The Guardian, Financial Times, The Times, the BBC, not to mention many regional and technology publications.

Following feedback from last year, PodcastCon 2006 will include more time for everyone attending to network, chat, discover and inspire each other. What’s more there’ll be top quality insight and discussion sparked by a sparkling array of panellists.

Finally, we also hope to have demos of techniques, kit and much more for those attending wanting hands-on advice.

PodcastCon remains a non-profit conference, run and organised by professionals who also happen to be podcasters. The aim of the conference is to bring together all those interested in podcasting, whatever their background, to share their knowledge and enthusiasm and to learn something new and inspire each other.

>> Book now and don’t miss the second annual PodcastCon – the only dedicated podcasting conference held in the UK this year.

>> You can find more events in the Podcast Alley Calendar.

Podcast Alley Feature Release: Tutorials & How To’s

Podcasting can be quite tricky, especially for those people like my wife (sorry Amy, I still love you) who don’t care about the technology…they only care about making great content about what they are passionate about. While tools are being developed every day to make those people happy and to take away the technical barrier, they are still not that easy to use.

With that in mind, I finally got a free minute to open the doors to the Podcast Alley Tutorials section. Having only been open for a few hours, it only has 3 tutorials in it, but trust me…it will grow! As a matter of fact, this is your call to action:

“Are you an Expert with a certain program, piece of hardware, website or other technology that can help podcasters? Do you want to share your knowledge with the users of the best podcasting community around? Do you want to be adored by podcasters world wide? If so, Podcast Alley needs you!”

Again, all kidding aside, Podcast Alley is nothing without its contributors. If you want to become a writer for Podcast Alley, send me a PM in the forum or email [email protected] . We are looking for people who love to write tutorials, hardware and software reviews, blog posts, podcast reviews and more.

As always, suggestions, new features and comments are always welcome. Enjoy!

UPDATE: I forgot to add links to the tutorials and reviews section, doh!
>> PCA Tutorials Section
>> PCA Reviews Section