PodShow Unleashes, Now with New Features!

All kidding aside, the new PodShow (beta) site launched just recently and there are quite a few interesting tools in this new release. While there are still a few bugs to work out, a lot of new funtionality and unique tools have been integrated into the new site. Here are some of the ones you should check out.
Video Network

  • Upload individual videos (not podcasts necessarily) and share them
  • Watch the best videos from PodShow, Fleapit, Google Video, YouTube and more all from the PodShow site
  • Collect video clips in “My Collections” to save and share

My Collections

  • Previously PodShow allowed you to “get” shows and add them to playlists and to “dig” people and add them to your entourage. They have gone WAY past that now. You can now collect shows, individual episodes, videos, people, bands, entire content channels and more! The “My Collections” feature allows you to setup channels to organize and share all of this new stuff.

Profile Switching

  • With the new launch comes better user/podcaster switching tools. From a drop down menu you can switch from your user profile to any of your podcast profiles to edit your show profile, entourage, add episodes, send messages and more… all from one account.

Music Network

  • PodShow has started to integrate parts of the PodSafe Music into the PodShow site giving listeners and podcasters alike another easy way to find great tunes to listen to and to use in their shows.

Other Notable

  • Increase in the number of Images you can upload from 9 to 30 per profile
  • Unlimited video uploads with nearly unlimited file size
  • More profile editing tools including more built in graphics and modules to choose from
  • Although in prior to launch, another valuable feature to note is the “family friendly” comments allowing you to moderate and block comments before they show up on your profiles.

Im sure there is a lot I am missing, but these alone are very powerful. If you have not done so in a while, checkout www.podshow.com again, create an account, play around and report your experience in the Podcast Alley Forums.

One more note. I have created some video tutorials (around 3 minutes long each) that talk about the new program guide and video network. You can find them at http://howto.podshow.com (large format) or in the new Podcast Alley Tutorials Section (smaller flash version).

PodShow Receives Second Round of Venture Funding

Officially announced only moments ago, PodShow has secured their second round of funding to the tune of $15 Million. PodShow, Inc., the digital media entertainment network whose properties include PodShow+, PodShow Podcast Network, PodShowPDN, Podcast Alley, Castblaster, the Podsafe Music Network and, most recently BTPodShow, says it will, “…help us more aggressively respond to the increasing demand of our global audience to find one place where they can create, consume and directly relate to the best in independently produced and mainstream media…”.

Check out the full press release and get more details at the link below.

>> Read the Full Release

The PodShow Un-Expo II – Your Chance to Meet with PodShow!

This coming Friday and Saturday, PodShow will be conducting their 2nd annual Un-Expo in Ontario, California. In addition to meeting with the 50+ producers who stepped up and took the Undition at last year’s expo, the Talent and Marketing team is spending two days holding another Undition for those of you interested in possible PodShow programming consideration. This is a terrific opportunity to get some real exposure on the premier online social media network.

The schedule is understandably busy, so we are asking passionate and interested podcasters to take the time to complete the below form, and email [email protected], so that we can evaluate and set up some time to meet on Friday and/or Saturday. Submitting these details will help us get a little further along before we speak with you on a one-to-one basis about how you want to take your show to the next level.

Here is the Info Needed:

Show Name:
Show Site:
Mailing Address:
Genre / Target Audience:
Feed URL:
Est. Listeners:
Est. Monthly Downloads/Requests:
Show Bio:
Show Frequency:
Number of Shows to date:
Any existing revenue streams:

Step up and Take it!

PodShow and BT Team Up to Enable UK Content Creators

PodShow announced today their partnership with BT to enable the creative individuals in the UK and Ireland to share their audio and video content with others around the world, although tailored specifically to the UK market. This is a really exciting event that will give podcasters, film producers, musicians, presenters, DJs and other creators across the UK to share their creative works, and to ‘get in the show’!

You can find out more information by following one of the links below:
>> www.podshow.com
>> www.btpodshow.com
>> pressroom.podshow.com

Podcasting in Dictionary : A Few Errors?

I was testing the new design of www.dictionary.com and of course I browsed for the words podcast and podcasting. While podcast resulted in 0 results, podcasting did have 1 result.

1 result for: podcasting
Webster’s New Millenniumâ„¢ Dictionary of English
Main Entry: podcasting
Part of Speech: noun
Definition: the Web-based broadcast of music which works with software that automatically detects new files and is accessed by subscription
Etymology: 2004; iPod + broadcasting

So what are the problems I have with this?

  1. Is podcsting really a noun? “I am podcasting” is a verb to me. “I record a podcast” could be a noun as could “I am a podcaster”.
  2. Why the use of podcasting and not podcast? That’s like adding walking to the dictionary but not walk.
  3. The definition… I don’t even know where to start. Music is obviously not required to be a podcast. There is no mention of RSS which is fairly integral in the delivery. The landscape of podcasting is changing where software is not always needed (because lots of people are listening to shows ONLY online).
  4. Finally, the etymology. While I agree that the iPod helped with the growth of podcasting as a medium, it is not solely responsible for its formation. Stupid as it may sound, I do think more that PODcasting stands more for Portable On Demand than it does any reference to the iPod itself because 90% of the shows I listen to never see my iPod.

More on this later Im Sure. Leave your comments and check out the Dictionary.com Page Here.

8 Ways to Connect Online and Offline Customers : Yahoo! Small Business

In this months (August 2006) edition of the Yahoo! Small Business Newsletter the writers brought up the topic of podcasting. The title of the newsletter was “8 Ways to Connect Online and Offline Customers” and the point of this newsletter is to help small businesses using their services do more and better business. So when I saw that one of the 8 ways was podcasting, I thought I would share it with all of you.

I have been a Yahoo! Store developer for about 5 years now and even run a few of my businesses through the Yahoo! Store shopping cart as well. I really enjoy getting the newsletters from Yahoo! and am glad to see them talking about podcasting as a viable marketing and communication tool.

Here is a Snippet from the Newsletter:

Create a podcast. Expand your online resources by providing online customers the option to download podcasts on your web site geared specifically to them. Podcasts are an effective way to drive traffic to your site, especially in the age of the iPod. If you have certain items in-store with information about related podcasts, it will spur technology-savvy customers to visit your site.

>> Read the Full Article on Yahoo! Here

US Small Business Administration Offering Podcasts for Entrepreneurs

The U.S. Small Business Administration has announced the start of a podcast for small business owners. These podcast will cover a range of topics to help entrepreneurs on the road to starting a new business. The only issue that I can see? They do not actually have a link to the RSS feed.  A major oversite, I know, but I think this is a great step from the US SBA to deliver important information in a new and growing way… as long as they get that RSS feed up there soon :)
From GrandForks.com: 

The SBA podcasts provide an introduction to various small business topics, and will deliver business information and advice for new and established entrepreneurs on all aspects of starting, expanding and financing a small business, as well as business protection. The current list of podcasts includes: is entrepreneurship for you, the SBA small business training network, selecting a business that fits, disaster preparedness for business owners and financing a small business.

>> Original Story
>> Get the USSBA Podcast Here

PodShow’s Original Drama Series, Shadow Falls, Unleashed!

PodShow has released podcastings first professionally produced original drama series called ‘Shadow Falls‘. It is an exceptionally well produced, racey, and interesting podcast series. Get It now at http://shadowfalls.podshow.com.
Here is the Description:

For every light that shines… a SHADOW FALLS.

SHADOW FALLS tells the eerie tale of a remote Northeastern town that holds secrets some will kill to protect and others will die to expose. Settled 400 years ago by the survivors of a mysterious tradgedy, the people of Shadow Falls have become pawns being used by two supernatural forces seeking to win a war older than time itself, a war which many believe could trigger the Battle of Armageddon, and wipe out humanity as we know it.

Those with alliances believe the time has come once again for the cycle to begin anew as two young women have vanished just as a pair of very mysterious strangers have come into town. This time, they believe this war will finally be decided once and for all and all their toil and sacrifices will be rewarded. What they don’t know is that they’re wrong. Dead wrong.

Spun from the wicked mind of author and screenwriter Mark Yoshimoto Nemcoff, SHADOW FALLS is a fully-immersive and addictive mystery that will leave you gasping for breath and begging for mercy. Just don’t expect to find mercy here.

>> Get it now at: shadowfalls.podshow.com

PodShow Announces PodShowPRO and AIM Pro Module for Businesses

Today PodShow introduced a new business podcasting service called PodShowPRO. With this announcement comes some other interesting news about integration of a new module within the new AIM Pro business IM client. Check out the snippet below of the Press Release (all full links at the bottom).

PodShow, Inc., the world’s premier network for sharing, creating and discovering the best in podcasting, today announced the debut of PodShowPRO, a service designed specifically to enable businesses and professionals to take advantage of the revolution in podcasting and other independently produced content. As announced today, PodShowPRO is also the Podcasting module within AOL’s new AIM® Pro service, which is available free of charge at http://www.aol.com/aimpro.

PodShowPRO is built on the PodShow+ platform and provides business users with the ability to: create and publish their own podcasts; create personalized directories of content; and empower their employees, customers and constituents with the ability to access and subscribe to podcasts via special “channels”, eliminating the complications faced by individuals attempting to subscribe to podcast feeds. PodShowPRO highlights content from independent media producers for and about professional topics, such as industry specific news, research and career development and employment opportunities.

>> Read the Whole Press Release in the PodShow Pressroom
>> Check out the PodShowPRO Site Now
>> Find AIM Pro Here

Nielsen/NetRatings Reports Podcast Consumption Numbers = Blog Publishing

Today, Nielsen/NetRatings reports that the number of Americans downloading and consuming podcasts is now neck-and-neck with those publishing blogs. About 6.6% have recently downloaded an audio podcast, while 4% have downloaded a video podcast. Nielsen estimates that about 4.8% of Americans publish blogs. But while podcasting numbers are up, both pale in comparison to other online activities like bill-paying (51.6%) and job hunting (24.6%).

>> Read it all at Adotas