Podcasting Growth in B to B Marketers

With all the talk that happens about the most popular shows or channels in podcasting I think we often overlook the b2b segment and look solely at the general consumer. Most podcasts these days are not really aimes at a business to business type scenario so it is interesting to see this study appear.

This week, b-to-b white paper/research and distribution vendor KnowledgeStorm and ad agency Universal McCann will unveil results of an online survey of more than 4,000 b-to-b buyers that indicate podcasts are beginning to have an impact on this hard-to-reach audience. The survey involved registered KnowedgeStorm users who represent IT and business professionals in a wide variety of jobs, industries and company sizes.

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Podcasting Takes a Bite out of the FM Dial : Bridge Ratings

According to a story posted on FMBQ (Radio Industry News), digital media is taking a bite out of terrestrial radio with content consumers using podcsating, p2p, internet radio and other methods as opposed to tuning in to the FM or AM stations.

Bridge Ratings has released a survey of 4000 radio listeners to see how different types of digital media affect their listening, with the results broken down by their favorite format. Those surveyed were asked if their usage of satellite radio, Internet radio, recorded music in general, P2P file sharing, podcasting and MP3 players was affecting listenership to terrestrial radio. Overall, the competing mediums are taking a bite out of regular radio, with an overall decline in the total amount of listening. Many respondents did say that other mediums cause them to listen to the radio more often, especially podcasting (58 percent), P2P file sharing (51 percent) and MP3 players (42 percent). However, radio is losing out mainly to Internet radio, with 55 percent saying it cause them to listen to less traditional radio.

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PodShow Opens Up to Pre-Registration

New PodShow Homepage

Today PodShow made a few updates to their homepage, but they were important ones! You finally have a way to pre-register for an account on the PodShow+ website and the PDN. If you are interested in being one of the first people to be contacted to join PodShow+ … go sign up now!

There are a lot of great things coming for podcasters and listeners with the upcoming launch of the PodShow+ website, so go and register now!

>> Direct Link to the registration page

CNN Gets It! Creating Content for Podcasts, Not Recycling Broadcasts

CNN PodcastsWell it is finally happening. All the preaching from the early days of podcasting and a major corporation not only understands it, but they seem to be fully supporting it (from what I can tell). I am talking about creating original content for a podcast and not just recycling traditional audio/video broadcasts and calling it a podcast.

In a story I originally found here, it has been announced the CNN is now creating content specifically for podcasts and not just reusing their television content:

In another indication of CNN’s leadership and dominance across numerous platforms, CNN.com has announced the launch of six video podcasts, regularly updated newscasts and programming produced specifically for digital video players.

Some of their original podcast programming includes an “All Access Backstage Podcast” where you can see through the eyes of CNNs anchors and production staff what it takes to produce the news. But in my opinion, the best podcast (in video format) is their show, “The Grist”. This show is described as, “A satirical look at the some of the odd but true stories making news from around the world brought to you in an irreverent style you might not expect from CNN.” Most of these stories are the ones you won’t see on the television but are great none the less. The host of this show and the production is awesome!

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>> See all the CNN Podcasts Here

How to Podcast with Skype : Vitamin Features

VitaminEver wonder how to record a podcast and interview another person who may not be sitting right next to you? This is the case for many podcasters, and a lot of people turn to the powerful (and mostly free) application Skype to have conversations with people around the world. However, recording these conversations for inclusion in a podcast can sometimes be a bit tricky. However, thanks to Josh Owens from Vitamin one process is now documented in detail for both PC and Mac. If you are interested in recording a podcast and using Skype to connect with other people, you will want to check out this article.

From the Vitamin Tutorial:

So you want to be a podcast superstar? Well, while this article might not make you a superstar, the aim is to help you record quality audio using Skype. Skype recording can be a tricky, but the benefits far outweigh the time investment it takes to learn. We use it on the Web 2.0 Show podcast to capture our interview audio and it has allowed us to interview some very big names without being in our interviewee’s location. Or running up large phone bills. This article will cover both Mac and Windows based recording techniques, and we will post follow-up articles covering post-production of the audio and how to upload and track your podcast.

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Podcast Alley & PodShow Feature Podcasts on Nokia Phones

With the release of the Nokia N91 phone came an even more important announcement (at least to the podcasting community). Nokia has also decided to include a podcasting client featuring the PodShow Top 10, Podcast Alley Picks and podcasts from Digital Podcast as well. It is now in beta testing and is claiming to work with more phones (S60 3rd Edition handsets). It is always exciting to see new applications being built and new companies getting into podcasting like this.

Podcast Alley & PodShow on Nokia

A bit from Nokia:

Podcasts can downloaded be downloaded in the background by the application. The default behaviour of the application is for manual downloads (user must select an entry within a podcast listing to download), but the application can also be set to download podcasts automatically at predefined intervals.

Within settings you can also specify the maximum amount of space you want podcast to use on your memory card.

Subscribed podcast are listed in the Podcast section of the application. Clicking on a listed podcast brings up a list of the episodes / shows available for that podcast. From here additional information about the podcast or individual episode can be viewed, downloaded podcasts can be deleted and downloads of individual episodes started.

Podcasts are played back using the default Music Player application. The Music Player application includes control to fast forward and rewind through audio files (click and hold on the previous and next buttons).

See Nokias Info and More Screenshots HERE.

MyChingo Introduces Free Audio Comment System

Have you wanted a way for people to be able to leave you audio comments online without all the hassle? MyChingo may have your answer. Through their new service podcast listeners can leave up to 2 minute audio comments for their favorite podcasts!

From their Press Release:

Record up to two minutes of audio without downloading software or purchasing expensive equipment.

MyChingo provides an audio comment system to bloggers and podcasters without requiring them to download software or purchase expensive equipment. “We wanted to add a more personal element to the digital medium,” says Bailey. “MyChingo gives podcast listeners and blog readers an opportunity to be heard. With just a microphone, they can record and send a comment with a few clicks.”

>> See the Press Release Here
>> Go to MyChingo.com

Make an Advertisement, Win $2000 : PodShow and Eathlink Advertising Challenge

I wanted to let everyone know that there is a great initiative launched by PodShow that you have the opportunity to be a part of. Working with our partner, EarthLink, PodShow is currently running a challenge to see who can create the most innovative piece of audio advertising. PodShow wants to show Earthlink fresh and engaging pieces of advertising straight from the creative mind of the consumer … you.

So let your creative juices flow! You can enter into any of the following three categories:

  • Jingle – a short musical composition that makes someone think about a product
  • Spot – a pre-recorded audio piece that promotes a brand or product
  • Endorsement – when someone talks about a brand or product in their own voice

Each of the finalists will receive $250 in cash and be eligible for the Grand Prize. The Grand Prize winners will receive $2000 in cash and have their ad featured in a PodShow Network-wide advertising campaign.

This is your opportunity to change how EarthLink advertises their services. Make it as engaging, innovative and unique as you can. Enter as many times as you like – there is no limit.

To learn more and to enter in the contest, please click here: http://adchallenge.podshow.com

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Ping iTunes When you Post a New Episode

Somehow I overlooked this detail when I read over the iTunes specifications all those times. It seems you can ping iTunes to update your podcast everytime you post a new episode to your blog. I never knew this before, and quite honestly, I don’t think I have even heard anyone talk about this before, but I am glad to see it. Now, all I need to know is if anyone is using this method, what the success rate is, and how quickly it actually works (if it works at all). Anyway, here is what you are supposed to do:

In your blogging/podcasting client (I use WordPress) you can usually find an option someplace to “ping” another service to let them know you have updated your site. If your software/client/script lets you do this, all you have to do to tell iTunes to update is to add one of the following URLs to your pinging options. Of course you will need to update the url to include the XML link to your podcast or the feed id from iTunes, but they say this is all you should have to do:

Method One:


Method Two:


Podcasting in a Comic

I’m not sure if this comic makes sense to anyone, but it popped up when i was browsing a few different comics this weekend so I thought I would share it.

Here is the original authors site.