Informative Video Podcast Series : Canning Food

If I Can, You Can PodcastHere is an example of an interesting and informative video podcast (if you are interested in canning that is). The hosts teach you, in 10-12 minutes, the ins and outs of canning everything from fruit and jam to fish and meat. I am excited to see such an educational and information packed show appear in the podcasting world and hope that this podcast will introduce new listeners to podcasting because of the nature of the shows content (ie: not nerdy). Whatever the cooking equivalent of “props” is, i give them to the “If I Can, You Can” podcast.

Show Description:
If I Can, You Can! video podcasts are ten to twelve minute instructions for each canning method. The first being the easiest, beginning with jam and infused fruit, moving into the second which teaches how to preserve fruit in syrup and how to can homemade pie filling. In July, when tomatoes are ripe, we’ll teach how to can those delicious, ripe and red summer tomatoes whole, diced or in your favorite tomato sauce! The fourth podcast shows how to can vegetables and soups and the fifth is about canning chili, stews and meat sauces. As an added bonus, we’ll finish off the series with podcast six, teaching how to can homemade pâtés and fish.

>> See the Podcast Here

New Podcast Raps the Top 10 Hollywood News

This message goes out to all of my 30+ year old homies … I know you like to listen to rap in your car when you think no one else is looking. I also know that while you pretend not to care, you could tell a 16 year old girl more about Lindsey Lohan than she ever cared to know because you just can’t get enough of that Hollywood gossip.

With that said, you need to check out the E! Online “Daily 10′s Hollywood Rap-Up” podcast. In less than 2 minutes you can get (in audio or video format) the top 10 Hollywood stories (read gossip) rapped to you in intelligent, rhythmic beats.

Here is how they describe their podcasts:

The Daily 10 is E!s new show devoted to the Hollywood stories you need to know about. No tale is too big–or too small–for the series that knows what entertainment junkies care about. And each week, rapper Infinite-1 condenses all of the top stories into an extremely funky recap.

Get the Audio Version Here or the Video Version Here

Intellicaster Automates Podcasting for Broadcasters : Macworld

Intellicaster, a new application from Intelligent Assistance, has officially been released (for the low, low price of $4,495 for the base application). It is a Mac Only software designed to take professional broadcasts (both audio and video), strip the commercials, add new commercials back into it, and recreate the shows as podcasts for the company to sell. So, to all the broadcasters that are reading this, if you are looking for a way to re-syndicate tired content instead of producing fresh new content that will entertain your audience in a new way, give Intelligent Assistance $5 grand and they will help you make it easy to do.

Being fair, the concept behind this software is pretty cool, and most likely worth the price tag if it can actually do what it claims. But I am a true podcast enthusiast and believe in content that is created for a podcast, not re-purposed footage hacked to become a podcast. And while I am glad that broadcasters are supporting podcasting by providing their content in this new podcast form, I hope they can, from time to time, find a reason to create new and original content to deliver in podcast only format.

Intelligent Assistance has released Intellicaster, which it describes as a turnkey automated podcasting system for Mac OS X. Designed for TV and radio broadcasters, Intellicaster publishes podcasts without the need for human intervention. Prices start at $4,495.

Intellicaster combines Mac hardware and software to automatically record programming at specific time intervals, such as evening newscasts, or morning or afternoon programming. Users can delete commercials, and Intellicaster encodes the audio content for podcasting, uploads it, and publishes the programming. It can also substitute cleared commercials into the feed.

Intelligent Assistances has an arrangement with klickTab to link to klickTab’s Really Simple Syndication (RSS) commerce system which provides a paid subscription system — subscribers pay for episodes or shows much like they do with the iTunes Music Store.

>> From Macworld: News

PodSafe SF Concert a Hit!

If you missed the PodSafe SF concert this weekend, you missed some great music from The Freak Accident, Griddle and American Heartbreak (all from the PodSafe Music Network)… not to mention all the great people and special drinks. The Red Devil Lounge provided us with a special drink at the event : Podcast Punch (cranberry juice, orange juice, rum and grenadine I believe) which seemed to be pretty well received :)

Thanks to everyone who came and enjoyed the great music. It was fun to see you podcasters and fans out there having a great time!

(PS: Check out the whole photoset on flickr of photos taken by Sam Levin at the concert).

IMG_0503.JPG, originally uploaded by samlevin.

Podsafe Music Chart Topping Bands — American Heartbreak, Griddle & The Freak Accident – Together on One Stage

PodShow Sponsored Concert, “Podsafe Music SF,” Features Three Leaders in PodPlay in One Venue, For One Night Only – American Heartbreak, Griddle & The Freak Accident!

Where: Red Devil Lounge
1695 Polk St., San Francisco, CA

When: May 27, 2006
Starting Time: 8:00 PM

More Information:

PodShow, Inc., the premier brand in podcasting, today announced the first PodShow(tm) sponsored Podsafe Music Concert in San Francisco May 27, 2006, featuring International leaders in “PodPlay,” American Heartbreak, Griddle and The Freak Accident.

“Thousands of bands are submitting their songs to the Podsafe Music Network. They’re connecting with podcasters and listeners, and now they’re figuring out that it makes sense to promote shows together and share their audience with each other,” said Adam Curry, PodShow Co Founder and President. “This is another way bands are benefiting from the DIY / digital revolution in music. Plus, these bands rock – I should know, I play them on my show!”

Each of these bands is amongst the leaders in PodPlay, the podcasting industry’s digital equivalent of radio play. Recently featured musicians in the Podsafe Music Network enjoy promotion and feature placement across a network audience of millions in PodShow’s leading directories, communities and listener destinations –, Podcast Alley,, Podsafe Music Network and Sirius Satellite Radio Channel 102.

The show starts at 8:00 p.m., with co-headliner The Freak Accident taking the stage at 8:30 PM, followed by Griddle and closing with American Heartbreak. As part of PodShow’s sponsorship, discounted admissions are $10 at the door, $8 advance purchase through No one under 21 will be permitted.

Read the Entire Press Release: The PodShow Press Room

Ron Bloom, PodShow CEO, to Speak at OnHollywood Round Table

Ron Bloom, CEO of PodShow, will be speaking tomorrow (May 4, 2006) from 3:15-4:00pm PST at the OnHollywood CEO round table discussion on user-generated media. The live feed will be available here:

Those interested in podcasting and PodShow should find this to be quite interesting.

About the Event:
AlwaysOn’s annual digital media and entertainment market for executives is May 2nd through 4th at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood California. OnHollywood 2006 is where cutting-edge technology CEOs from all over the planet converge on Hollywood and mix it up with the entertainment and media establishment.

Consumer Generated Media: What Is It Worth?
Moderator: Howard Kaushansky, CEO, Umbria
Ron Bloom, CEO, PodShow
Cynthia Francis, CEO, Reality Digital (Parent Company of ClipShack)
Mary Hodder, CEO & Founder, Dabble
Mika Salmi, Founder & CEO, Atom Entertainment
Steven Starr, CEO, Revver

>> Full Event Schedule Here
>> Live Feed Here

The time is 3:15 PM – 4:00 PM not 4:00PM as previously stated.

Help Get PodSafe Musician ‘Madsumo’ Into Snakes on a Plane Movie

In a contest running on the TagWorld website, a new movie titled ‘Snakes on a Plane’ starring Samuel L. Jackson is trying to find music to feature in the upcoming movie. One great artist from the PodSafe Music Network, Madsumo, is in the running but needs your help. You need to browse over to the TagWorld site and vote for Madsumo in the competition now! There are a total of 465 entries competing, so head on over and vote now.

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Rate the following “Snakes on a Plane” Song Submissions to Help select a Winner
Instructions: Starting April 19, listen to and vote for as many as 10 different songs to help us select a winner for our Snakes on a Plane contest. Songs appear randomly on this page or you can sort them or filter them by genre. For more information about the contest and to view exclusive footage from the action thriller, visit

Snakes on a Plane Voting Page

Phedippidations Podcast Host Steve Runner at Boston Marathon

The following picture was taken of Steve Runner from the Phedippidations Podcast who recently ran the 110th Boston marathon…while podcasting! You can subscribe to his podcast to listen to different moments from the marathon below.

Steve Runner from Phedippidations

>> Steve Runners Website
>> The Phedippidations Podcast Page

Podcasting Legal Guide – Creative Commons

Ever had questions about the legalities of your podcast? Do you have questions about trademarks, copyrights and other legal issues regarding podcasting? If so, you will be interested in the article published on the Creative Commons Wiki. They have outlined a few of the top questions asked when it comes to legality in podcasting for podcasters in the US to take advantage of.

The purpose of this Guide is to provide you with a general roadmap of some of the legal issues specific to podcasting. EFF has produced a very practical and helpful guide for issues related to blogging generally ( This Guide is not intended to duplicate efforts by EFF, and in many cases refers you to that guide for where crossover issues are addressed. Our goal is to complement EFF’s Bloggers FAQ and address some of the standalone issues that are of primary relevance to podcasters, as opposed to bloggers.

Podcasting Legal Guide – CcWiki

First Podcast with 10,000 Podcast Alley Votes

Congratulations to the Dawn and Drew Show! They are the first podcast on Podcast Alley to cross the 10,000 Vote mark! That is quite an impressive accomplishment, so hats off to Dawn and Drew and their faithful minions.

If I could throw you a party, I would.

10,000 Votes

>> See their Podcast Here