Coming of Age : Opposing Party Orders Withdrawing of Podcast from Website

In an interesting story that popped up today on the Reporters Without Borders website, it seems that electoral authorities have ordered the removal of a podcast from one of the candidates websites in a Singaporean election. This is the first time (to my knowledge) that a government anywhere has taken podcasting so seriously to the point of forcing removal of the content stating, “Internet users aware of the latest technologies are daring to say things online which one has never been able to read in the local newspapers…”. If you have a minute for a quick read, check out the whole story. You can even listen to the speech (in English).

Reporters Without Borders today accused the Singaporean government of placing increasing curbs on online free expression after the electoral authorities ordered the opposition Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) to withdraw a podcast from its website on Wednesday, 10 days before parliamentary elections.

“A new form of protest on the Internet and in blogs is emerging in Singapore,” the press freedom organisation said. “Internet users aware of the latest technologies are daring to say things online which one has never been able to read in the local newspapers. Podcasts are the only way to hear the speeches of opposition leaders, who have few opportunities to speak publicly. We support the Internet users and bloggers fighting for free expression in Singapore.”

The speech by SDP leader Chee Soon Juan can still be downloaded from the party’s site at, while a transcript is available at this blog :

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An Obituary for Mass Media

I saw this story pop up from the BBC yesterday about them updating their site to incorporate socially driven media/content, but this spin on it from deserved a hilite because, in my opinion, they hit the nail on the head with the title, ‘An Obituary for Mass Media’. Click through to their site and check out their full article.

The announcement yesterday by the BBC on their plans to re-invent themselves for the ‘age of participatory media’ makes everything that any mainstream media organization has done to date with blogs, podcasting and other social media just look like tinkering.

An Obituary for Mass Media

Apple Chomps Into Forbidden Fruit: Ads

According to AdAge, Apple may be planning a start to advertising inside of iTunes, and potentially your iPod, very soon. From what we can gather from the article, ads will appear in the botom left hand corner of iTunes only while you listen to podcasts. If you have a few minutes…check out the whole article, its pretty interesting.

NEW YORK ( — Coming soon to iTunes: ads. Apple — a brand that prides itself on the purity of the user experience — will soon put up billboards on its popular iTunes service, according to content partners who have been briefed on the plan. The introduction of visual ads could be the first step to allowing ads in other content areas or on iPods.

>> Advertising Age – Apple Chomps Into Forbidden Fruit: Ads

Jacobs Media Survey Reports: Podcasting is Emerging as a Viable Content Medium

An interesting survey was performed recently by Jacobs Media of 25,000 respondents from over 75 Rock-formatted radio stations from all over the US and the results were quite interesting, especially in regard to podcasting. Some pretty interesting statistics.

From the Report:

Finally, podcasting is having an impact. One-fifth (22%) of those who own an iPod or portable MP3 player say they’ve downloaded/listened to a podcast. Of this group, nearly two-thirds (64%) subscribe to at least one podcast, and a majority listens to most or all podcasts that come their way.

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Two executives leave startup Melodeo

While podcasting is still very young, one of podcastings funded companies is losing their top executives. In an interesting article published today 2 members of the team at Melodeo, the folks trying to bring podcasting to mobile phones, have up and left. It seems awfully early in the game for people to be dropping out like this, if you want my opinion. But…when you have had enough, you’ve had enough I suppose.

Two top executives have left Melodeo, the Seattle startup that is trying to bring podcasting to mobile phones.

Stan Sorensen, who served as senior director of product management and marketing for the heavily funded mobile content company, left last month. Matt Rowlen, the former vice president of corporate development, also recently departed.

Two executives leave startup Melodeo

Podcaster License Plate

What I’m finding out is that you can do, or get, just about anything in San Francisco (where I now live)…proven by the license plate seen here.

I love podcasting, but Joe Carpenter of A Guy, A Girl and A Bottle Podcast loves podcasting a bit more than I do. Either that or he got to the DMV to register this motorcycle plate before I did.


Podcaster License Plate, originally uploaded by GuyandGirl.

PR Web Offering Free Podcast Interview with Upgraded News Releases

PR WebIf you are really into the whole press release thing and looking to share valuable information with the world, then you are going to want to check out the new PR Web service. Apparently if you buy into their upgraded release package (around $200) you can not only get your press release out to the world, but you can then be interviewed by PR Web for the PR Web Podcast.

It’s been available for a month now, but I just discovered this interesting service over at PRWeb. If you’re in their $200 level service track, they’ll do a 5 to 7 minute interview with you concerning the press releases you put out through their company and they’ll promote the interview around the web.

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Use Melodeo? Get NPR Programming on Your Phone

Another press release I found today mentions that 45 NPR programs will soon be available through the Melodeo mobilcast podcasting software for your mobile phone.

Melodeo Gets NPR Podcast Win
Seattle-based Melodeo, which develops a mobile phone software application for enabling users to stream podcasts to their mobile phones, said this week that NPR will use its Mobilcast softwre to deliver 45 of its podcasts to mobile phone users. Melodeo creates software designed to provide digital media to mobile phones. NPR’s podcasts include “All Songs Considered,” “NPR Story of the Day,” and “On Gambling with Mike Pesca”.

Press Release >>here
Melodeo Site >>here

College notifies applicants via podcast

What better way to introduce podcasting as a university tool than to send your college acceptance information to incoming students via podcast!

From iPodNN:

College notifies applicants via podcast
Fitchburg State College is distributing emails with a link to a podcast to all accepted applicants for the fall semester, in an attempt to ease the school into using podcasts for classroom activities. The school president, Robert Antonucci, sent out the messages and the podcast, which includes audio and video to break the good news to students, according to a report from the Associated Press. The school will still send out traditional envelopes with notification of acceptance or rejection, alongside the email notice.

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To be on TV or not to be on TV : CNN Money

Another interesting article caught my eye today about the state of the advertising industry in regard to the :30 second TV advertisement. It seems that a lot of marketers are noticing a decline in traditional TV advertisings effectiveness.

So what does this mean to us podcasters? To me it seems there will be a lot more money spent finding better ways to get advertising messages in front of new audiences which has already started happening in the podcasting world. A lot of big name companies have already started testing the waters and investing money in podcast advertising as an alternative outlet to TV.

From CNN Money:

More and more people are using digital video recorders (DVRs) to watch TV shows when they want — and zoom past ads in the process. And advertisers have taken notice.

According to a study conducted by the Association of National Advertisers and Forrester Research that was released this month, 78 percent of 133 national advertisers said they felt traditional advertising has become less effective during the past two years.

What’s more, nearly 70 percent of the marketers surveyed said they thought DVRs and video-on-demand services will “reduce or destroy” the usefulness of 30-second commercials.

That’s not good news for the major television networks, especially as they get set to haggle over advertising rates for the 2006-2007 television season in the coming months.

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