PodTech Receives $5.5 Million in Funding

I know this post is a little late as this news has been out for a bit now, but congratulations are in order to the PodTech group and their recent funding. Congratulations guys, keep up the great work!

PodTech.Network, Inc., a media company dedicated to podcasting and delivering Fresh Voices, has announced that it has received $5.5 million in Series A funding from Venrock Associates, US Venture Partners (USVP), and Silicon Valley angel investors. With this financing announcement, PodTech is launching the following media properties: PodTech News; PodTech InfoTalk Network; and PodTech Sponsorship Network. Paul Matteucci, partner at USVP, will become a board member of PodTech.

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Microsoft Podcasting Client

Microsoft Podcast ClientAbout time we heard something from Microsoft in regard to podcasting. It seems that they did a demo of a new podcatching application at a recent conference.

From WebProNews.com:

Giovanni Gallucci reports that Microsoft demo’d its upcoming podcasting client at Mix ‘06.

Not much information, except that performance was excellent, with a Rocketboom video playing perfectly without a hitch. The real news: The client will be open source, shipping with the source code and SDK. That should excite some Microsoft haters.

They’ve also got a video of the client in action, showing off the aforementioned Rocketboom clip. Paul Colligan says it ties into Windows Vista Media Center.

Microsoft Podcasting Client

Ups and Downs of Evoca : The Social Software Weblog

A new recording service was announced recently called Evoca that allows you to record audio (or upload it) to their site. Sound familiar? Yes, it does remind a bit of Odeo too…however, I have to agree with the Weblogs Inc folks in pointing out one interesting thing and that is while they have cool services, they also have a business plan. Read the following snip from the blog post, but make sure you head over to the social software blog site and read the ENTIRE list of pros and cons.

There’s browser based recording, phone-in recording, descriptions, tags, RSS feeds, groups, albums and oh so much more. You can also charge a fee for listeners to be able to listen – but the first one here is on me, ok?

The service is free for pretty basic use but for $5 per month you can do lots more, including recording Skype phone calls! Very nice for those of us on a Mac…

… All in all, though – I’d say this is a pretty awesome service. Very usable, not intimidating. As others have pointed out, they have a business model, which seems to be more than you can say for Odeo. Evoca could probably use more chicken icons though.

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Get your podcasts transcribed right here : PodClerk.com

If you really want your podcast converted from audio to text, a service is now available for you to get it done. From their site…

PodClerk.com offers transcription of your own or your favorite podcasts into a plain text, html, rtf, pdf or even xml.

Just submit the URL of your podcasts (.mp3 or rss feed) and receive your transcriptions on your e-mail, usually, within 24 hours.

The only downfall I see right now is their price. It will cost you $0.34 cents per minute for regular transcription and $0.40 to get it done in a rush (not to mention there is a 30 minute minimum meaning each file will cost you at least $10.20 to have done).

Welcome to Podclerk.com

AT&T Podcast Ad on NYC Phone Booth

My brother (from www.thedizzyband.com) sent me this photo he snapped with his cell phone this morning. It was on the side of a phone boothe in New York City.

AT&T Podcast Ad on NYC Phone Booth, originally uploaded by theFerf.

Podcast workshops in SF this weekend, taught by NPR pros : Boing Boing

Want to podcast and going to be in the San Francisco area this weekend (March 11-12) and have a spare $350? Then look no further than the AudioLuxe Podcast Workshop! I just found this on BoingBoing, maybe some one is interested?

AudioLuxe has a couple of spots still open for this weekend’s Podcast workshop held at the studios of KQED in San Francisco. We teach podcasters how to refine their sound, streamline their production process, write for the ear and stuff like that. The workshops are for people at any level, and include boxed lunches from Whole Foods.

This time around our tech trainer is Michael Johnson, a genius at mixing audio. He can also rattle off random details about every microphone, mini-disc recorder or flash recorder on the market, even down to the subtlies of what kind of bladder is in the mic and how that causes some specific interaction with your cable, or why you might be getting a hum from your Maranz 660. I leave the tech stuff to him for the most part. I cover the content stuff. We really want to help budding hosts and producers to apply professional techniques to their cool indie content.

I love that home producers can now compete directly with mainstream media companies for listeners. (Every minute a listener spends consuming independent content is a minute taken away from the conglomerates.)

Boing Boing: Full Story

A Podcast Alley Flashback

After seeing a request in the PCA forums, I decided to look up Podcast Alley at the way back machine (internet archive) and was surprised by the results. I know at that time, Podcast Alley had only been around for 5 months, but since then we have added over 14,000 podcasts and 72,000 comments to this site! Im so proud of you, podcasting, you are getting so big!

Site Statistics THEN
Total Podcasts: 1,249
Pending Approval: 36
Total Comments: 1,159

Site Statistics NOW
Total Podcasts: 15,491
Pending Approval: 12
Total Comments: 73,026
Total Episodes: 417,733

That is absolutely crazy! See it here:
PodcastAlley.com — Podcast Directory : The place to find Podcasts

No Mention of the word ‘Podcast’

“Stream it live, take it with you… or get it delivered automatically to your MP3 player” is what this Newspaper ad here in San Francisco reads.

I find it interesting that this newspaper ad did not mention the word ‘podcast’, only “get it delivered automatically to your MP3 player”. Are we that far past the word podcast that people understand it already (yeah right)? Are they trying to avoid the word podcast all together as to not promote the iPod or Apple? Did some copy editor accidentally leave out the word podcast? Am I reading way too much into this advertisement?

No Mention of the word ‘Podcast’, originally uploaded by theFerf.

The Podcast Hotel: An Unconference About Independent Culture, Podcasting and Digital Music

WHO: Podcasters, Musicians and those interested in podcasting or indie music
WHAT: The Podcast Hotel
WHEN: February 23-25, 2005
WHERE: Seattle, WA (various venues)
WHY: The Podcast Hotel is a conference with a twist – it’s what some people are calling an “unconference.” People get together to hear people speak but also to create their own works, learn a ton, discuss issues and exchange ideas. And, of course, music is at the center of our event. We teach musicians, helping them make connections so they can better promote their work. And at night, we record their music, which we then promote to the world through our podcasting network.

From the Press Release:

Meet the people shaping podcasting and its growing importance in the world of digital music and the news media in a setting that is more like a studio than a conference. Podcasters, artists and musicians, digital music executives, mobile technology experts and media will all be there. Performances and live recordings over three nighs by more than ten bands from Seattle, Portland, Or., San Diego, Bend, Or., Los Angeles and Vancouver, BC.

>> Read the Full Press Release
>> Visit their site

PodShow and Limelight Networks Launch PodShowPDN

It’s official… PodShow has announced their partnership with Limelight Networks, the world leader in delivering digital media! This is a giant step that gives podcasters the tools they need to take their shows to the next level and getting rid of a lot of the headaches and concerns that surround podcasting now.

PodShow, Inc., the premier brand in podcasting, and Limelight Networks, Inc., the world’s leading digital media delivery network, today announced the launch of the PodShowPDN™ (PodShow Podcast Delivery Network), the first high-performance content delivery network that addresses the specific needs of podcasting. In an era that finds independent podcasters competing directly with mainstream media for audience share, the PodShowPDN provides the tools and services producers must have in order to be on par with mainstream media. For mainstream media companies seeking to create fresh content, expand their reach and find new distribution and marketing opportunities, the PodShowPDN is a perfect solution.

Im sure there will be a lot more news to follow as time passes and podcasters start to have more questions.

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