Apple Credited with Podcast Invention? –

Im not an english scholar by any means (and if you read this blog, that is obvious) but I am a little confused by the quote below.

Apple introduced the term when it launched an application that simplifies and automates the process of receiving this content within its standard software.

Did Forbes Magazine just say that Apple invented podcasting or are they saying Apple starting using the term inline with iTunes software releases? All this time I thought there were all these other people that helped develop, promote and popularize podcasting but I guess I was wrong. Thanks, Forbes, for the heads up, and thanks Apple for allowing us to do all the hard work for you and then taking credit.

Apple Broadcasts Into The Future –

PRWeb Announces February is PRWeb Podcast Month

Have you ever wanted to do a press release to get more peole interested in your podcast? Do you have a unique show that you think is press worthy? Do you have an upcoming segment in your podcast that the wold needs to know about? If so, then you need to head over to right away! PR Web has announced that February is Podcast Month on their website…meaning…FREE upgrades!

During the month of February, PRWeb editors will select up to five news releases a day with podcast-related news and upgrade them to the $200 distribution level free of charge.

Ferndale, WA (PRWEB) February 8, 2006 — PRWeb, the Internet’s leading direct-to-consumer press release distribution platform, has declared February 2006 Podcast Month at to celebrate the increasing popularity of podcasts as a way of distributing news online.

During the month of February, PRWeb editors will select up to five news releases a day with podcast-related news and upgrade them to the $200 distribution level free of charge. PRWeb press releases carrying a contribution of $200 enjoy the unmatched power of search engine optimization and PRWeb’s SEO toolset, which includes enhanced statistical reporting on the online distribution of the release and activation of rich text anchor links. Other premiums at the $200 level include EyeCaster banner rotation, custom RSS/XML feed, file attachments, next day distribution and a donation to Unitus, a global microfinance accelerator.

PRWeb Announces February is PRWeb Podcast Month

Podcasting on ‘Jeopardy’

Im not quite sure how I missed this video that was posted back in November 2005, but here it is for you to enjoy. There is a whole podcasting category where the college kids answer questions regarding podcasting.

Doesn’t seem like this can really be real, but it is fun to see either way. Enjoy.

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KEXP Announces Song of the Day Podcast : Yahoo News

Ok. I usually don’t blog about stuff like this (music related) because I don’t really know enough about it, but I thought this was pretty cool and right in line with what makes podcasting cool for me. This new podcast will have exclusive in-studio performances, unreleased songs from independant artists and well-known artists alike.

In the first few weeks, listeners will receive unreleased songs from Ted Leo and the Pharmacists, Tom Brousseau and Silversun Pickups, live studio performances from Mike Doughty, They Might Be Giants and Northwest hip-hop band Common Market, and studio recordings from Cloud Cult, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah and Calexico/Iron and Wine.

Here is KEXP’s Song of the Day line-up for the first ten days:
>> Monday 2/6 Ted Leo and the Pharmacists “Sons of Cain”
>> Tuesday 2/7 Cloud Cult “Transistor Radio”
>> Wednesday 2/8 Clap Your Hands Say Yeah “Upon This Tidal Wave of Young
>> Thursday 2/9 They Might Be Giants “New York City”
>> Friday 2/10 Common Market “Connect For”
>> Monday 2/13 50 Foot Wave “Hot, Pink, Distorted”
>> Tuesday 2/14 Calexico/Iron and Wine “Burn That Broken Bed”
>> Wednesday 2/15 Silversun Pickups “Lazy Eye”
>> Thursday 2/16 Tom Brousseau “Portrait of George Washington”
>> Friday 2/17 Mike Doughty TBD live from 10/3

Yahoo! Finance

NAMM Update: Podcasting Mics Galore

Rode PodCaster MicMicrophone manufacturers have discovered the podcasting market, and are responding with a variety of new mics designed to meet the needs of podcasters. At the 2006 NAMM Show, held January 19-22, 2006, in Anaheim, California, many of the mic manufacturers we talked to either were shipping mics that targeted podcasting, or had design prototypes on display.

NAMM is a four-day show, produced by the International Music Products Association, where the music and audio industry introduces most of its new products for the year.

Rode displayed prototypes of two new microphones, the PodCaster and the ProCaster.

Podcast host will PodCast as he runs 110th Boston Marathon

I have always loved this podcast (being a runner and tri-athlete in a previous life) and will be looking forward to this unique podcast by Steve DURING the Boston Marathon!

“Phedippidations” the thirty minute weekly internet radio show for runners, will provide complete coverage of the 110th Boston Marathon on April 17th before, after and during the race.

Running his 13th official marathon, and his fifth Boston Marathon, show host Steve Runner is a long time writer for the international newsletter and website “Run the Planet” ( ), which attracts the largest world wide running community on the Internet.

The internet radio show, Phedippidations, located at is a PodCast about running.

This will be the first time that a broadcaster who is running the Boston Marathon will provide mile by mile coverage as he is actually running the race.

Phedippidations has previously presented the running of the 2005 Bay State and Cape Cod Marathons last October, but the significance of presenting the Boston Marathon to his listeners is not lost on Steve.

“This is the world’s oldest annual Marathon and one of the most prestigious road races on the planet” said Steve, “I’m honored to be able to bring the experience of running this great race to my listeners, from the perspective of a middle of the pack runner.”

Phedippidations is a PodCast ( or “RunCast” ) of thoughts, opinions, observations and rambling diatribes composed during distance long runs. “I record much of the program on the road while I’m out training for my next marathon”, said Steve.

>> Full Press Release :
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Real Stern Shocker: No Podcast :

We podcasters have been saying this since the beginning, but it always sounds better coming from a writer at Wired Magazine. A good read for those of you who love podcasting, a better read for those of you who didn’t think podcasting would ever take hold.

Satellite radio is a pretty good technology that’s attracting a respectable audience primarily through excellent programming. But let’s be clear — satellite doesn’t hold a candle to podcasting, and not even Howard Stern can change that.

Sirius signed Stern for $500 million, a deal that’s helped make it the largest satellite radio company, with some 3.5 million subscribers. (If the brokers who drove me around Brooklyn apartment shopping last week are any indication, a high percentage of Stern fans bought satellite radio receivers in anticipation of his show’s Jan. 9 debut.)

It’s hard to argue with a half billion incentives. But — aside from cash — it’s hard to see what satellite could do for Stern that podcasting couldn’t do better. If his primary motivation for ditching traditional radio wasn’t money but escape from the FCC’s censors, as I believe it was, the internet would have been a better choice, hands down.

Podcasting’s reach now dwarfs traditional terrestrial radio, which in turn towers over satellite. Next to podcasting, even Infinity, the national network that formerly carried Stern’s show, looks like my old college radio station (before it added a podcast, that is)…

Wired News, Full Story…

Thunderbird Update

I was so interested in the performance of the new Thunderbird, I decided to download and play with it a bit. For those of you who are interested, here is what I know so far…

You can subscribe to an RSS feed for news or podcasts or import from OPML, which is cool. When new blog posts or podcast episodes are posted, they are automatically sent to your computer. However, if you are interested in having the podcast automatically downloaded and organized on your computer, you may be out of luck. The only way I could find to listen to a subscribed podcast was to double-click the filename at which point it asked me where to download the file to. Not my style of podcatching client, but an interesting take on it none the less. A lot of people will find Thunderbird a great way to organize email, manage RSS feeds and get updates about new podcasts to download/stream.

ThunderBird 1.5

Podcasting Supported in Mozilla’s Thunderbird 1.5 | CNET

For users of the Mozilla Thunderbird mail application, an announcement was posted today about the inclusion of RSS and podcast support of the new app. Anyone using this program feel free to leave comments and reviews.

“Mozilla released on Thursday its updated e-mail application, Thunderbird 1.5, which is designed to deliver improved security and functionality.

Thunderbird 1.5, which can be downloaded for free, has been retooled to offer improvements in four main areas: updates, security, RSS and podcasting…

Thunderbird 1.5 also aims to bolster its RSS support by letting people receive feed updates as e-mail messages. People can now access podcasts through a dialog box, which is tied to an application such as a Web browser or audio player.

Mozilla’s Thunderbird 1.5 takes flight | CNET

Who’s Listening to Podcasts?

A published article (dated January 10…I thought today was January 9…weird) that shows a proposed graph of podcast adoption through 2010. What are you doing today to gain those listeners?

There is little argument – perhaps with the exception of VoIP – that podcasting was the breakout Internet phenomenon of 2005. It changed the listening habits of millions of consumers and affected the way radio — and to an extent, television — broadcasters communicated to their audiences. Podcast Listener Graph

Bridge Ratings found that approximately 5 million radio listeners downloaded at least one podcast in 2005, and that figure will nearly double in 2006 — and double again in 2007.