Using WordPress? Auto Enclosures for MP3′s

Using WordPress For Podcasting
Podcasting is seamlessly supported as of WordPress 1.5. Just link to an audio file in one of your posts and WordPress will automatically add the necessary enclosure tag to your RSS2 feed to make it useable as a podcast. Not sure if you are using WordPress 1.5 or not? Simply login to the admin of your WordPress Blog and scroll to the bottom under the WordPress Logo. It will list your version there (mine is 1.5.2).

Important: Use a complete, absolute URL when linking to the audio file. Otherwise WordPress will not make an enclosure for it.


<a href="my-podcast.mp3">My podcast</a>


<a href="">My podcast</a>

Important: The MP3 must exist or it will not create the enclosure tag.

This is a pretty cool feature I just found that I did not know WordPress offered. It automatically creates the enclosure tag linking to the MP3 file, pulling in the type (audio/mpeg) and determining the file size automatically as well! The only limitation I found was that it does MP3 only, no M4A files.

Found Here

German court backs Apple against “Spod” :

An interesting Apple/Podcasting story…

A German court, at the request of Apple Computer, has temporarily barred a Stuttgart technology company from marketing its brand “Spod” for a cell phone podcasting service, according to the German company’s executives.

Liquid Air Lab has been offering a service since late last year that provides broadband-capable mobile phone users with access to radio shows, music downloads, ring tones, and other services.

The company had registered the brand names “spod” and “spodradio” for its services. In a press release, executives said that Apple asked a court to block Liquid Air from marketing its service under those names, and that a Hamburg court issued a preliminary injunction in the computer maker’s favor.

German court backs Apple against “Spod” | CNET

The death of the guidebook?

I posted a story a while back about Virgin offering audio guides to people flying to certain cities. Here is an update to that story

Is this the end for the guidebook? Publishers are reporting huge demand for their newly launched ‘podcasts’ – audio guides to foreign destinations which you download from the internet onto your iPod or MP3 player. Lonely Planet, which released its first podcast three months ago, claims that one of its audio guides proved so popular that it reached number 12 in the download chart, beating a single from Madonna.

As well as publishers such as Lonely Planet and Rough Guides, podcasts are being produced by tour operators like Thomson Holidays, airlines and individual tourist boards. ‘Why do you need a guidebook if you can download the information onto your iPod and listen on the plane?’ said Miles Morgan, marketing director of Thomson Holidays.

More than 80,000 people have already downloaded podcasts produced by Virgin Atlantic and by the end of 2006 the airline will have produced 30 guides.

The Observer | Travel | The hot topic: The death of the guidebook?

Podcasting for eBay Sellers :

A novel idea, and a fabulous podcasting idea, for adding great details and personality to any ebay auction…

Another ‘shock and awe’ chapter in making my eBay auctions better has just started its beta phase. After discovering a great website for making audio files and RSS feeds, I am now offering audio descriptions of my eBay auctions and RSS feeds for people to keep up with my latest offerings. You may have heard of this concept by another name – podcasting.

Podcasting for eBay Sellers

Creative tries to redefine Podcast :

Does anyone else remember the early days of podcasting when the podcasting community tried to steer away from the ipod a bit by trying to say that the POD in PODcasting stood for ‘Portable On Demand’? Well, the folks at Creative are trying to do the same thing…and it seems that the bloggers at 37 Signals really don’t like that…

Can you hear it? Can you hear that whirring sound? That’s the spin over at Creative ZENcast. According to them…

>> Podcasts, short for Personal On Demand broadCast, are audio files you can download into any MP3 player or computer.

A for effort, F for give me a fucking break.

Creative tries to redefine “Podcast” – Signal vs. Noise (by 37signals)

Apples iLife ’06 Podcast Support Page Leaked?!

According to the website (and the active link) Apple is planning a release to iLife and Garageband that should make podcasting easier for some. Further rumors are circulating about larger .Mac accounts too. Who else is hearing rumors?

Here’s an example outline of how your show should flow:
1. Show intro monologue (who you are, what you’re going to talk about): 30-60 seconds
2. Intro music jingle (repeat for each show so listeners identify the jingle with your show): 30-60 seconds
3. Topic 1: 5 minutes
4. Topic 2: 5 minutes
5. Interlude (music or break): 30 seconds
6. Topic 3: 5 minutes
7. Topic 4: 5 minutes
8. Closing remarks (thank audience for listening, thank guests, talk about the next show briefly): 2 minutes
9. Closing music jingle (suggest same as Intro music jingle): 2 minutes

>> Apple – Support – GarageBand – Recording Your Podcast
>> Website

78% of podcast listeners are male | IT Facts from

According to ZDNet’s Research –

78% of podcast listeners are male by ZDNet’s ZDNet Research — Taylor Nelson Sofres says that roughly a third of the Web users have heard of the term podcasting. Among that group, just 32% have actually listened to a podcast. Of those who have listened to podcasts, 78% were men.”

See It All at

What to Expect in 2006

An interesting find today on the website. They had their 2006 Technology predictions and the ones I found most interesting were their picks for #2 and #1 for the year…here they are:

2. Blogging will become passe (kind of) and the truly elite (733t?) will podcast.
The Fortune 500 will enter the blogging world and, suddenly, it won’t seem so hip or edgy anymore. Sure, blogs will still be around, but the truly outstanding among us will podcast in addition to blog– even if the podcast won’t come out on a regular basis. Podcasting will augment the blog, simply because people can listen to them as they drive. It also adds a more personal touch.

1. 2006 will be the year for Video Blogs.
Sure, Video Blogs already exist, but they will take off like crazy in 2006, due to, in large part, the Video iPod. Sites like YouTube will encourage people to produce and broadcast their own content, as bandwidth costs still make people shy away from hosting large video files. While the production costs (in terms of time and money) are higher than blogging or podcasting, the pay offs are that much bigger. There’s just no substitute for watching something. Plus, Digg’s video show (link coming soon), has very low production values (Kevin Rose and that other guy sitting on a couch drinking beers as they discuss technology), but it’s still entertaining. Independent filmmakers, documentary types, and TV production folks will flock to this medium as their skills can be put to good use to spice up the shows.

What to Expect in 2006 |

Indiana Repertory Theatre Podcasts |

When I think of how quickly podcasting has spread across the country I get a bit teary eyed. While here in San Francisco I saw 3 advertisements on TV for podcasts and podcasting on ONE DAY! While I was a bit surprised I knew it would happen soon considering that a lot of podcasting noise has been coming/starting from here in the Bay area. However, what surprised me most was a story I read today about my home state of Indiana and one of the bigger attractions (IRT) has started a podcast that sounds very interesting. Thumbs up Indiana!

A company called imagenation reports that, in participation with Indiana Repertory Theatre, it has “created the first episodes of a series of behind-the-scenes videos that can easily be downloaded . . . and loaded onto a video iPod for playing or simply viewed on a computer.”
Yes, podcasting has arrived to “live” theater. IRT officials hope it will be a marketing boon and lead to increased ticket sales; an imagenation news release says the podcasts will provide theater fans with “insider” views they’ve never had access to previously.

>> Just Read it All at
>> Visit imagenation’s Web site

Yahoo! Podcasts adds vidcasts

Yahoo! Podcasts now supports feeds with video content, or vidcasts. You can add a video series to your personal subscriptions, tag a vidcast, as well as rate and review vidcasts. Videos can be played inside your browser window using either Windows Media 9, RealPlayer 10, or QuickTime 7 players configured through a Yahoo! cookie.”

Yahoo! Podcasts adds vidcasts