BMI Podcasting License

This may have been around for a while, but just in case you have not seen it, here is the information that BMI provides on podcasting a nd their licensing agreements.

“Podcasting is the latest wave in online music. BMI offers a new media license that clears the public performing rights for thousands of businesses and individuals with easy, low cost licensing options. BMI’s agreement only covers public performance rights to musical works in the BMI repertoire. You will need to secure additional licensing from music publishers and record labels for mechanical rights in the underlying musical works and for uses of master sound recordings in your podcast.”

Bmi Podcast License Page
PWebsite Music Performance Agreement (PDF)

The BOBs – BEST OF THE BLOGS – 2 Days Left to Submit

In case you guys didnt know, the BOBS are going on now (The Best Of the Blogs). Funny thing is , they are also taking suggestions for podcasting sites too! Have you submitted your show yet?

“As an international broadcaster and Internet news provider, but also as a promoter of freedom of information around the world, DW-WORLD.DE.

The main focus of the competition is to support blogs that promote quality journalism, but all other types of Weblogs are also invited to participate.”

Submit a Podcast Here
See Submitted Podcasts Here Lands Podcast Sponsorship

I guess if you are going to make a mistake, its go big or go home. Well, accidently telling the world about one of the largest on record podcast ad buys is a pretty big mistake.

“On Thursday, Outing, who is also a longtime columnist for E&P, posted an item at E-Media Tidbits titled “A $30000 Podcast Ad Buy.” In it, Outing wrote: “’s podcasts are finding some funding. Executive producer Gil Asakawa reports that the retailer Best Buy is paying for a $30,000 campaign that begins October 3. The podcasts will have a short sponsor mention at the beginning, then a longer (10-second) product-specific mention at the end.”

On Friday, the information about the size of the ad buy — $30,000 — was removed from the post and an explanation was added saying that the figure was proprietary and should not have been revealed. But later, Poynter took down the post completely, and left only the message, “This blog item has been removed because it contained proprietary information that should not have been released by the source.”” Lands Podcast Sponsorship

NYPD offers law enforcement podcast

“The first podcast is narrated by retired Inspector Jesse Peterman. It includes information about street closures during the UN General Assembly meeting this week. It also features interviews with a captain on the topic of identity theft, and with a policeman who was sent to New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.”

Macworld UK – NYPD offers law enforcement podcast

‘Dirty’ Podcasting A Growing Trend

Found this article today when searching the news. Kinda makes me wonder if we need to work parental tools into podcast downloading applications other than itunes (new in version 5, parents can choose to not let kids download podcasts)…

“With the spread of podcasting, more and more teenagers are becoming informed through their iPods.

Some of those podcasts are not meant for young ears, leaving parents to wonder what they can do to stop their teens from downloading X-rated material to their iPods.

See it on the Website. The PodFather: Part One

Unless you subscribe to Time Magazine, you probably never saw this article. It was available (from what I have found) as a special insert into the subscribers issues and not available on news stands. Its a fairly long article, but very interesting if you are into podcasting.

Check it out on the Website.

Podcasting Books are Everywhere

Here are some links to some podcasting books that I found. Enjoy, and contact the author and let them know what you think if you buy and read one…these were a lot of work I’m sure for most of them, and I know they will appreciate the feedback.

Secrets of Podcasting
Secrets of Podcasting

Podcast Solutions
Podcast Solutions

Podcasting the Do it Yourself Guide
Podcasting: The Do it Yourself Guide

Podcasting Hacks
Podcasting Hacks Book

BSW Professional Audio Gear for Podcasters

Not to leave anybody out, BSW has also started selling kits and other hardware to help people become podcasters. You can get a package for $249 that includes a mic, mixer, mic stand and needed cables. As with PC Mall, you can also upgraded to more expensive packages and professional portable recording setups as well.

See their deals at the BSW Website.

PC Mall Offers Podcasting Packages

I was surprised when I found this link on the PC Mall website but delighted at the same time. They have developed kits of all levels and price ranges that will help people become podcasters.

On this website you will find a $39.99 package with a set of headphones and an ipod attachemnt for talking into all the way up to a $3799.99 package that includes: a condensor mic, a dynamic mic, an audio input device and mixer, 2 mic stands and Apples Logic Pro 7 and everything in between.

Check out all the deals at the PC Mall Website

Voice123 – Voice Overs for your Podcast

Have you ever thought to yourself, “Man, a professionally recorded intro or promo would really make my podcast cool”? If so, then you need to check out Voice 123.

The truth of the matter is, a lot of the podcasts out there are really good…but there are a lot of podcasts out there. The hardest part, in my opinion, is getting listeners to test out your show. With so many choices out there for listeners, if your podcast does not attract them in the first 10 seconds, they may be gone for good. A good way to impress your potential subscribers is to have an informational, comedic or somehow relivant promo and/or intro to your podcast. Thats where someone like Voice 123 comes in handy. Just a suggestion, and worth checking out.

Voice123 – Voice Overs Website