Webby Awards Now Offered for blogs, podcasts

The 10th annual Webby Awards competition announced it is adding four categories to recognize Web logs and podcasts.

“As the Web enters its second decade as an integral part of everyday life, our expanded categories recognize those who are pushing the Web in new directions,” said Tiffany Shlain, founder of the competition.

In addition to more than 65 categories for Web sites, there will be citations for the best blogs focused on business, politics and personal/cultural subjects, as well as an award for sites dedicated to the distribution and/or presentation of podcasts or podcast information.

Entries are now being accepted at www.webbyawards.com. Winners will be honored in New York next June.

via: MarketWatch.com

Conference Calls Unlimited

Conference Call

If you want to record a podcast via the phone by yourself or with a group of people, you can check out Conference Calls Unlimited. With them you can choose a podcasting plan for as little as $25 and they will help you get under way.

But what services do they really offer you ask? When you call in, they will start a recording. They can provide you that mp3 for you to use, can host the file on their servers or even host your entire RSS feed and mp3s for you. This would be a great way for those of us who do not have any luck with Skype to record group conversations and have them posted , hosted and syndicated for the world to get.

Find out more at the Conference Calls Unlimited website.

Odiogo Converts Blogs to Podcasts

Odiogo Screen GrabOdiogo has released their PC application (Windows XP or 2000 with at least 128 MB of memory and 5 GB of hard drive space and $29.95) that will convert any RSS feed to a podcast that is downloaded to your computer as an MP3 file.

Here is what the say about their app, “ Odiogo downloads your favorite RSS news and blog feeds and converts the text into spoken word—easily heard on your MP3 player, when and where you want.

Simply select your feeds, click start, and then drag and drop the audio files into your MP3 player. It’s that simple!“;

Listen to the Sample
Visit their Site

iTunes 5 Released

iTunes 5 Main
iTunes 5 Main originally uploaded by theFerf.

Apple announced and released their new version of the iTunes application. I downloaded a version to play with it but did not really see that many differences. There were some new ways to sync podcasts to your ipod and parental controls for parents to limit search/viewing of explicit music and podcasts, the entire podcast directory and the enitre music store.

I had to pretend like I was going to download itunes 4.9 from the Apple site, but once the download started it actually downloaded the 5.0 version.

The one other feature I saw was that the new interface more closely mimics the look of the G5. What am I missing? I thought there was supposed to be an advanced way to manage playlists? Reviews?

Get iTunes 5.0 Here.

Apple up 5% on iPod Phone Buzz

“Apple shares rose $2.58 to $48.80 in trading that was almost twice the average volume. Earlier, the shares touched $48.88 in afternoon trading, a new record.

Apple and Motorola Inc. are widely expected to unveil a mobile phone that will include Apple’s technology for downloading songs from the Internet onto portable music players, and have scheduled a press event in San Francisco for Wednesday.”

See the Original Source & read the Whole Story.

eMusic Adds Podcasting and RSS

“San Diego-based eMusic, a provider of digital music and downloads, said that it has added podcast and RSS feeds to its online services. The new features add editorial content from eMusic editors for different music genres, and will be linked to its music track service. The company said that as new tracks are added to their catalog, they will be filtered and delivered to users via RSS feeds. A number of known reviewers and music critics will provide the podcast content. eMusic is a subsidiary of Dimensional Associates, the private equity arm of JDS Capital Management, Inc.”

See the Original on the socalTECH.com website.

NPR Expands Podcast Programming

Im always happy to see when somebody grabs a hold of podcasting so fully and uses it the way it should be. With that said, I commend NPR for providing a lot of their great content through podcast syndication. They started off testing the waters with a few, but now it looks like their offerings are up to 132 unique podcasts. They have even brought on a corporate sponsor (Acura) and it appears that they are in discussions with more national sponsors as well. Here is a snippet of the Marketwatch article:

“National Public Radio has begun offering more than 130 podcasts through its Website at NPR.org. None of the network’s crown jewels like “All Things Considered” or “Morning Edition” are in the package of free programs available for downloading, but on its Website, NPR hinted they could be coming – for a price… “

See the NPR Podcast Directory.
See the Original Source.

PC Gamer Launches Podcast

pcgamerlogo.jpg“PC Gamer magazine has started up a weekly podcast show featuring editors discussing the week in PC gaming news and interviews with big-name guests. The first episode discusses the new Chinese government’s restrictions on gaming, Battlefield 2′s accessibility, and an interview with Gas Powered Games founder Chris Taylor. Taylor, of Total Annihilation and Dungeon Siege fame, talks about the newly-released Dungeon Siege II, the upcoming Uwe Boll movie based on the Dungeon Siege games, and the ‘spiritual successor’ to Total Annihilation, Supreme Commander.”

See the Story on the Slashdot.rog Website.
See the PC Gamer Podcast Site.
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TV Ventures into Podcasting

Found an interesting article on the BlogCritics website today. It lists out the major networks (CBS, NBC, FOX) that are testing podcasting and explains a little bit about each of the shows. Here is what the say:

“Already a formidable trend in the online world, podcasting is storming into the mainstream now that Apple has added podcast subscription capabilities to its iTunes application. Some of the major television networks are even dipping their toes into the podcasting waters for their entertainment divisions, with mixed results, and only CBS so far has made a bit of a splash about their efforts in anticipation of the new TV season.”

From Blogcritics.org

Looking for that elusive Apple iTunes XML Specification?

For those of you who may not have seen this yet, Apple has released their documentation for their iTunes compiant podcast feed. I know a lot of people have been looking for official help, and this is probably the closest thing to it.

You can find the doc at http://phobos.apple.com/static/iTunesRSS.html.