AMP Music Library Goes Live

AMP Music Library

AMP Music Library,
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As another service to podcasters, the Association of Music Podcasting has officially opened up their music library to podcasters. Here is a quote from the Insomnia Radio Website:

“It can be very difficult for a ragtag group of merry indie music podcasters, who have day jobs, and don’t have money as a group, to come together and pull something off. But sometimes we actually do just that.

Back in the day, pre AMP schism, we had started to form a library of music where our members can draw upon a database of music that has been cleared by the artists without any sort of heinous restrictions or over-reaching licensing. Just a straight up “you can use this and we will credit you and there you have it.”

So after much time and effort, we have put it live. We have a lot to put back in there, and a lot of work to do to get it going the way it should, but its a start.

Check out the library if you want to peek. If you are in a band head on over to the signup page and send some music our way. Please read the terms and conditions carefully. We want you to know we respect you.

From Jason: We still have some kinks to work out, but if you have any suggestions please email us! [email protected]

Zip on over to the AMP Music Library Website to get more info.

Travel Genre added to Podcast Alley Site

Just a quick note, I wanted to let everyone know that there is now a Travel genre on the Podcast Alley website. The only problem is…its empty. I dont want to move anyones podcasts without your permission, so if you would like your podcast moved to the Travel Genre, please email me at [email protected] with the headline of TRAVEL in all CAPS so i can see it. The other option is to click the “report errors” link on your podcast details page on the Podcast Alley site and type change to TRAVEL genre in the box.

Looking forward to populating this new genre!

See the Travel Genre Here.

Podcast Music Network Officialy open for Business

If you are an independant musician and are wanting people to listen to, love, play for others and maybe even purchase your music, then you need to visit the Podsafe Music Network website (at

I read the press release today over at and here is what they had to say:

“The PodSafe music network is designed to give podcasters access to music, other content and tools to create royalty-free podcasts, the company said Tuesday. Musicians can use the network to promote and market their music, while listeners can access music in single-play or podcast formats, the company said.”

See the Read the CNET story here.

Podcast Alley Wants Your Vote

Ok Podcast Alley citizens. Since November last year you have been telling people to vote for your show. Now I am asking you to vote for mine. The Business Week website is now hosting their “Best of the Web” survey and has been nominated under Technology & Science for best tool box! What an Honor!

Now, Here’s your chance to spread the word about the places you like most on the Web. Cast your vote in the Best of the Web Survey on the Business Week Website. You can find the webste by Clicking Right Here and then clicking on the word “podcasting” on the right hand side in the “Toolbox” Category.

As an added bonus, there is also an @home category where the following podcasts are listed:

- Insomniaradio
- Adam Curry’s Daily Source Code
- IT Conversations
- Skepticality

Click on the Podcasting link under @home to vote for your favorite podcast now!

Miss the link? Here is is again!

Duke University Podcasting Symposium Announced

logo.gifThe Duke University Podcasting Symposium was announced recently to be held September 27 – 28, 2005. This event will have some of podcastings earliest (and perhaps best) podcasters, Michael Geoghegan from Reel Reviews, Grape Radio and the Disney Podcasts, Tim Bourquin from Endurance Radio, the Podcast Brothers and host of the Podcast & Portable Media Expo and Eric Rice from AudioBlog as well as many other experts. Here is what they say about the event:

“Duke University is pleased to announce that we will be hosting the first-ever academic symposium on podcasting from September 27-28 of this year. The two-day event will feature a hands-on podcasting workshop, as well as panel discussions of the economic/business, legal, political, journalistic, and cultural impacts of podcasting by bringing together prominent members of the podcasting community with policymakers, scholars, and media experts.

The symposium is being held in conjunction with the Duke Digital Initiative and is the result of a collaboration among several departments and centers at Duke, including the Information Science + Information Studies program, the Jenkins Chair in New Technologies & Society, Office of the Vice-Provost for Interdisciplinary Studies, John Hope Franklin Center for Interdisciplinary and International Studies, The John Hope Franklin Humanities Institute, Center for Instructional Technology, Center for Documentary Studies, Program in Film/Video/Digital, DeWitt Wallace Center for Media and Democracy, Duke Law School, Fuqua School of Business, the Department of Computer Science, the Department of Music, and the Department of Cultural Anthropology.

The symposium will be free of charge and open to the public. The symposium proceedings will also be webcasted, videocasted, and (of course) podcasted. Addresses for the various feeds will be announced soon.”

Check out the event info on the Duke Website.

Welcome to the US Air Force to the World of Podcasting

temp_radio.gifThe government has caught on to podcasting pretty quickly with a number of politicians and government officials jumping on board. However, I was surprised (yet pleased) to see the US Air Force jump on board the new communication highway known as podcasting.

The Around the Airforce podcast has the following description:
“This daily radio newscast includes timely, topical, news and information about the U.S. Air Force, its people, its programs, and its military missions.”

Find out more on the Air Forve Website or get their podcast on the Podcast Alley Website.

Movable Type Podcasting Plugin Featured on MT Website

sixapart.pngI know this plugin has existed for a while, but I just recently noticed it was featured on the MT plugin website. For all of you bloggers looking to start podcasting who use Movable Type, this plugin is what you have been looking for.

“Brandon Fuller’s Enclosures plugin brings podcasting power to Movable Type. Podcasting is one of the fastest-growing new uses for blogs these days, allowing blog publishers to distribute MP3s and more directly to your audience’s iPods, laptops, or other mobile devices.

Get the Plugin Here

Adam Curry & Ron Bloom Interviewed by CBS Marketwatch

market_1.jpgThe Podfather himself and his business partner Ron Bloom of The PodsShow Podcast Network were interviewed earlier today by CBS Marketwatch. The clip was located on the homepage of the MarketWatch homepage (and still may be as of the publishing of this post). You can watch the video by clicking on the link below (with Windows Media Player or Real Networks Player). Pretty interesting to listen to (and kind of fun to see the video too).

Even if you dont care for PodShow, you should check out the video for the attractive young reporter…Boing!
See the Clip Here

2 Minute Photoshop Tricks Podcast

Episode-icon-797549.jpgThe 2 Minute Photoshop Tricks podcast can be described as “The podcast with quick, useful Photoshop tips and tricks for the beginner and advanced digital photographer alike.” Being a Photoshop user and lover I cant wait to listen to this podcast. Let me know what you think!

See it Here or
visit their site

Podcastcon UK gets New Sponsor

According to a press release today, Podcastcon (the UK podcasting conference) has announced a new sponsor (perhaps their first major sponsor). This sponsor is a new internet service provider called Be (at Here is a snippet from the press release:

PodcastCon UK 2005 will take place on Saturday 17 September at the “Berners Hotel in central London and will line-up a series of influential speakers including: Chris Kimber, head of radio interactive at the BBC, James Cridland, head of strategic development at Virgin Radio, Neville Hobson of For Immediate Release and international award-winning podcaster, Richard Vobes.

The conference will also provide a valuable opportunity for the UK’s burgeoning community of podcast producers, listeners and anyone with an interest in this rapidly growing form of new media to take part in interactive discussions on issues that will affect the development of podcasting as it enters its second year.”

Find our more info, or get your tickets now at: