Can’t Add a Podcast to the Site? Cant vote?

After recenlty moving to a bigger, more robust server, I was emailed a few times from different podcasters and listeners saying that they were getting errors when trying to vote and/or add their podcasts to the website. This had to with the differences in my old server and my new server.

Im happy to say that I believe the bugs have all been removed. It was a simple fix, but a bug none the less. Please email me at info at podcastalley dot com if you continue to have problems or find new problems. Sorry for the incoveniences this may have caused.

Happy Podcasting!

Podcast Description Tutorial

Ok, this is not really a tutorial, but having personally read through 1000′s of podcast titles and descriptions, let me offer up a little bit of advice to new podcasters (and old podcasters). Your show description is the ONLY chance (90% of the time) you have at getting someone to test and/or subscribe to your podcast. You must put a lot of effort into a great description that will not only differentiate you from the next guy, but will also make people want to subscribe to your podcast. Here is a great example of a Good Podcast Desription, one that I am now subscribed to.


Tech News Review
Published early each morning, Tech News Review is a podcast for IT professionals which summarizes the latest technology news and headlines from around the world.

To me, this is a wonderful description. Clear, to the point and professional enough to make me trust their expertise enough to test the podcast. Want to know what a bad description would be? Something like this:

My name is Ferf and this podcast is about whatever I want to talk about…everything from my dog to my job.”

You get the point, I hope.

See more about the Tech News Review Podcast Right Here

Trap Door Magic Podcast: the first magic podcast

Im always excited by FIRSTS in podcasting, and I think (as do they) that this podcast is the first of its kind.

“Magicians Andrew Payne and Keith Barber discuss the art of magic in all its forms. The Trap Door is totally independent, and it is the first magic podcast.”

Check them out on the Website
or Subscribe to the direct link

Univeristy of Florida Students/Alumni Rejoice!

The University of Florida has started producing some of thier news in an audio format (and distributed as we like to say, in podcast format). Students & Alumni…get your podcast.

See Podcast Here
Official Site

Tower Records Podcast

towerlogo.gifAs I approve them and find interesting ones, I continue to send to you. I dont know why I am always amazed when corporations finally get podcasting.

“This weekly podcast from Tower Records features new music from artists who deserve to be heard, but may not have the support of traditional radio as well as commentary from host Jeff Reguilon. Tune in for coupon codes that will give you discounts on purchases at and discover more about new music.”

See the Podcast Here

Podcasters Shutdown on .Mac

“Apple now limiting bandwidth on .Mac accounts July 20, 2005 – 07:00 EDT Apple has quietly added a new upgrade option for .Mac users. In what appears to be a new policy, users are now limited to 3GB of bandwidth per month, with an upgrade option of 10GB data transfer per month for US$49.95 per year. In terms of storage space, 250MB is included with a standard .Mac account, with 1024MB of storage as part of the $49.95 upgrade.”

From Geek News Central. — Transfer Successful

Thanks to everyone who helped me get the new server up and running. I know it took some time but the transfer was pretty clean. Since I moved servers there will be a short delay (for propigation) for some people before you see the new site, but thats what I get for moving servers, providers, IPs and updating all around.

The thanks go to: Oldskule (for server support), hud (for leaving me alone), Dan (for tech help), Len from Jawbone Radio (for the excellent site down image (in RECORD time), my new server team — wipes tear from eye — anyways, you know who you are that helped me.

Checkout more of the Jawbone Radio Artwork custom made for the move below.


Tutorial : How to Make Enhanced Podcasts (from Make Mag)

podcasts.jpgOK, it looks like PT from Make Magazine has beat me to the punch (no surprise there) and created a great tutorial on how to make enhanced versions of your podcast for itunes to take advantage of all the new cool features. Here is what he says:

“Apple’s new iTunes 4.9, iPod color, allows you to view (and listen to) “enhanced podcasts” these are audio files that can have slideshows, URLs and some cool features we have discovered. Apple’s included documents and a Wiki was all I needed to make our MAKE enhanced podcasts, but I also wrote a how-to. Here’s how to get, make and all you need to know about enhanced podcasts! As a bonus, we put together some fun ideas we think many might use…”

Read it All on The Make Magazine Website.

Podsafe Music Network Website Launches!

indexY_02.gifOk Alley Members, it has finally happened. Point your browser to The Podsafe Music Network Website now and check out all the features of this new site. This is a great place for you podcasters to find great indie music to play in your podcasts (or just a great place for listeners to find great indide music).

They have setup some really interesting things there to help develop a list of the most popular independant artists, so head on over now and give it a look. Im always looking for reviews, so post yours here or feel free to email [email protected] Hopefully when I get a chance to dig deeper I will be able to provide my own review.

The Podsafe Music Network Website

Rumor Mill: Disney Podcast Success Sparks a Second Round

I hear through the grapevine that the success of the first round of Disney podcasts surrounding the 50th Anniversary Celbration went off so well that they are going to start the production up again. If this is true, it would be quite exciting considering how intersting and fun the first batch were to listen to (and how interesting some of their other podcasts are).

I hope they have something exciting up their sleeves because you only get to have your 50th one time, so you better do it right (and by right I mean you better put it in a podcast by golly)!