TBS Introduces “Minding The Store” Podcast with Paulie Shore

Found this one interesting as i was approving podcasts (mainly because I was thinking about watching it) and thought I would share with you. TBS has started a podcast featuring Paulie Shore promoting his new show. Not sure how long it will run, but check it out now…just for fun.

What they say–
“Download this exclusive podcast and listen as Pauly Shore talks about his life, his loves and, oh yeah, his new show. Interviewing Pauly is Marlon, the El Salvadorian sidekick from Pauly’s new original comedy Minding the Store, airing Sundays at 10/9c on TBS.”

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Podcasting on your Tivo?

While reading through some blogs today, i found an interesting link to a new application called “Galleon”. Im not sure I fully understand the capablities or specs, but I do know that I can have a home media center that will download and play podcasts through my TV. Sweet! Here is their claim to fame:

“Galleon is a free open source media server for TiVo¨ which allows you to enjoy many kinds of content and interactive applications right on your TV. The server runs on your home computer and organizes your media collection so that they can be viewed on your home network. Galleon also brings Internet content and applications to your TV. Winner of the “Most Creative Application” in the TiVo Developer Challenge.”

Find the application Right Here.


AMP and Odeo Team Up on Music Podcasting

San Francisco, July 13, 2005
In an agreement that capitalizes on the huge potential of independent music podcasting, Odeo and the Association of Music Podcasting have joined forces. The organizations will work together to showcase the best in legal, independently produced music in an open, device-agnostic platform. As part of the agreement, Odeo and AMP will engage in cross-promotional activities, collaborate on ways to better serve their users, and increase the amount of rights-free music available for podcasting.

About Odeo
Odeo is based in San Francisco, California. Founded in December, 2004 by Noah Glass and Evan Williams, OdeoÕs goal is to provide people and organizations with powerful tools for the creation and distribution of media. Odeo (beta) is now open at http://odeo.com. Discovery and subscription tools are currently available. Additional services will be released soon.

About the Association of Music Podcasting
AMP was formed in January 2005 to unite podcasters who play legally available independent music. AMP DJs are music lovers who have access to great, mostly independent music that you probably haven’t heard of (yet). AMP provides a fresh alternative, and itÕs all legal and safe to download. Each AMP member has his or her own unique podcast.

AMP Site

Get Your Weather from the Podcast Weather Pirate

Piratey2.jpgSo I was approving podcasts today (like most days) and I found a cool new podcast/service. With it, you can put your zip code on the end of the URL and it will send you you local weather info (temp, humidity, etc) in podcast format.

Check it our for yourself Here.
Or take this link www.pirateweather.com/weather/podcast/XXXXX and replace the XXXXX with your zipcode.

Tips About iPodder for Podcast Downloading

The recent release of iTunes 4.9 has caused a lot of podcasts servers to overload. iPodder Lemon fortunately was designed for just this problem.

A symptom of this problem are errors in the log such as “timeout”, “can’t grab”, “DNS lookup failure” and lots of failed downloads.

Steps to survival are simple:

1) Leave iPodder running as much as possible (24/7 is great).

2) Enable the scheduler in iPodder and set it for every two hours.
iPodder -> Tools -> Scheduler
Select “Check at regular intervals” repeat every “2 hours”.

3) Use BitTorrent feeds if available for the podcast.

4) Don’t get impatient. You may see a lot of 0% 0KB entries in your download log. They are just records of unsuccessful attempts to get connected to the podcasts server. e.g. It took 7 tries, 2 hours apart, before iPodder finally managed to download the Daily Source Code for Jun 28, 2005. Several other shows had similar problems.

Thanks Owyn
See the Post Here

AMP Website Gets Makeover, New Features

For those of you who love music podcasts and independant music, then you know about the Association of Music Podcasting. Well, if you have not visited recently…head on over and check out all the stuff they have going on. See them at http://musicpodcasting.org.


Purina Podcast Goes Live


“PurinaÕs Animal Advice radio programs are now available as podcasts. Listen in as veterinarians and pet lovers like you discuss topics such as animal training, pet surgery, behavioral theories and pet insurance. New shows will be published every other week. You can play these programs on your portable media player or directly on your computer. Enjoy!”

Check out the Purina Podcast Here.

Get the Purina Feed Here.

iPodder 2.1 Released!


iPodder 2.1 has been officially released to the masses! In it you will find a couple of great new features and better functionality. But theres more! It integrates directly with the soon coming “My Alley, from PodcastAlley.com”!

Now you may be asking…what is My Alley? Some of you are beta testing so you already know, but for the rest of you here is a brief summary:
- Create Unlimited Playlists and Organize podcasts the way you want, not the way iTunes wants you to
- Vote for every podcast in your playlists, simply and easily, instead of voting for each one separately.
- Integration with iPodder 2.1 for podcast management…The playlists you see online are the playlists that show up in iTunes and on your iPod.
- No more copying and pasting XML/RSS links! Click on the “Add to My Alley” link and presto, the podcast will automatically appear in your playlist, and if you like, in iPodder, iTunes and on your iPod!

Many more features are being planned, and the inital release is coming very shortly…are you ready?!

Get iPodder 2.1 at http://ipodder.sourceforge.net.

Looking for your My Alley link? Well you have to wait. But don’t worry…it is just around the corner.

Podcast for Nikon Camera Users/Photographers

nikonians_logo_6.gifDo you use a Nikon camera? Do you strive to take the best and most interesting photographs? The you need to check out this podcast, brought to you by a dedicated group of Nikon camera users.

“Nikonians is the worldwide home for Nikon photographers. We are a resource for ambitious photographers and imaging professionals since 2000.”

Get the podcast Right here.

The Pop Culture Podcast, Get the Hottest News

If you are a whore for Pop Culture like I am, then you MUST subscribe to this podcast. Join the host for a week in review of the top pop culture stories.

See more about this podcast Right Here.
Visit their site Right Here.