Bravo Introduces Queer Eye for the Straight Guy Podcast

bravologo.jpgDo you watch the Bravo Television Network? Do you love watching their TV Hit, Queer Eye for the Straight Guy? If so, then this podcast is for you!

Here is the description of their first episode:
” Enjoy a new podcast featuring two tips from each member of the Fab 5. This week’s installment includes tips on:

* How not to arrive underdressed for a formal affair
* Proper SPF to protect your face from the sun on a daily basis
* The day never to buy fish
* …and more”

Subscribe and Get more info on their Fab 5 Hip Tips Here.

Get the podcast from the Fab 5 about each of their episodes Right Here

Oracle Starts a Technology Podcast

otn_logo_small.gifOracle has started their very own podcast. It is titled “Oracles OTN TechCasts” and has the following description:

“Oracle’s OTN TechCasts are online audio interviews with Oracle technology experts, delivered via podcasting, about the latest products and technologies for developers and DBAs.”

If you are a fan, supporter, or user of Oracle products, get the Podcast Right Here. Gets Some Updates!

After some long waiting and lots of complaining, the Website has finally got an update. You can now find out a little bit more about PodShow, the podsquad, listen to demos, get links to the PodShow Sirius Promos and much more. Check it out now at


50 Fun Things to do with Podcasting


Liam Burke (from has come up with a unique list of “50 fun things to do with podcasting” that covers many of the great/unique things to be doen with podcasting. Some of my favorites are:

“#8 Find yourself a partner – Podato was launched back in March and allows singles to sumbit recordings via their mobile. These recordings are converted to mp3 and inserted into two seperart RSS feeds.”

“#24 Nude Podcasting – Because no one can actually see you, you can actually podcast once you wake up in the morning. There is no need to look the part as long as you sound the part.”

Visit the site at and see all 50.

Download Digital Podcast Book from Amazon

Amazons.pngIf you are one of those people who want to make a purchase and have it NOW, the ones who Can’t wait for the book to be shipped to you, Then go to the details page of Todd Cochranes Podcasting Book and you can download a PDF Version of it immediately!

Even cooler (at least to me) is this: if you hover your mouse over the image of the book, they give you an option to browse the book. With this feature you can see the layout, read some of the book, see the table of contents, covers ane more!

Buy and Download the book from the Site.

Get PodShow in your Ford Vehicle

If you were looking into getting a new American Made car and still hoping to get your fix of Podcasting and DSC, look no further than Ford. Their deal is complete with Sirius Satellite meaning you can now have the option to get Sirius in your new car, truck or suv.

“Ford and Sirius Satellite radio expanded an earlier pact to have the satellite radio as a factory-installed option in all seven Ford brands through 2011. Apart from Ford and Lincon Mercury, Sirius already has agreements with Volvo and Mazda. Other brands covered are Land Rover, Jaguar and Aston Martin, the firms said.”.

Read more on the CNet Website.

Steve Jobs Plays Adam Currys Podcast

On the website their was a post about Steve Jobs. The post oultined Mr.Jobs keynote at WWDC. Here is the snippet about Podcasting:

“10:12am PDT – Steve is explaining Podcasting. ÒTiVo for radio.? ÒWayneÕs World for radio.? ÒWe see it as the hottest thing going in radio.? 8,000+ podcasts and growing.

10:14am PDT – ÒThe pros have realized this is huge.? Rush Limbaugh, ABC News NBC News ESPN Disney Proctor & Gamble etc, long list. ot surprisingly, iTunes is adding Podcasting support, including a podcast directory in the iTMS. [Which is old news to us] ÒYou donÕt have to type URLs into iTunes, although you can still do that.? Demo: Adam Curry podcast in iTunes.

10:15am PDT – Curry sound bite: ÒSixty million dollars worth of airplay strapped to my ass.? KCRW demo.

10:16am PDT – The Treatment KCRW show, with fat-sounding Kruder & Dorfmmeister theme music. The point being a podcast can sound as good as satellite radio. iTunes shows album cover art to go with songs being Ôcast.

Folks, the countdown is on. Podcasting is about to hit 10+ Million computers across the world. Fasten your seatbelt, this is going to be good.

Read the rest on

Man tries to Collect All Podcasts

According to Wired Magazine, this guy (Jason Scott) is trying to collect every podcast. Well if you ask me, he needs to get his ass moving! In the article, it says he is already downloading 1500 shows regulary, but that is only half of what is available on Podcast Alley and only a quarter of what is available on It also mentions he has downloaded over 340GB since February. All I can say is this: I downloaded 2GB last Monday when I subscribed to a couple of new shows and I actually LISTEN to all of them.

From Wired:
“A filmmaker who has been collecting digital artifacts for 25 years is amassing the world’s largest collection of podcasts, though he has little interest in actually listening to them. Jason Scott, a 34-year-old documentary filmmaker from the Boston area, has saved and cataloged more than 340 GB of online amateur radio since he started in February.”

Find out more about Mr.Scott from Wired Magazine Online.

American Theater Wing (Tony Awards) Podcast


For those of you who are interested in theater and what happens on Broadway, you may be interested in knowing that the Americal Theater Wing has been producing its own podcast for some time. Check out what they have to say:

“The American Theatre Wing, in association with XM Satellite Radio, presents Downstage Center a weekly theatrical interview show, featuring the top artists working in theatre both on and Off-Broadway and around the country.”

Get the Podcast here.
See their site here.

Make A Difference: PodcastToTroops Podcast

It is refreshing from time to time to see technology being used for something so great. If you head on over to the PodcastToTroops Podcast webpage, you can subscribe to a podcast that lets people send messages to the troops and their families. If you feel so inclined, you can also leave your own Free message for them as well.

Here is a little about this podcast:
“We want to say a special thank you to all those that serve our country at home and abroad in safe times and difficult times. Please leave a voice message for our service men and women through this site. Enjoy and God bless. Our thoughts and prayers are with you every day. And thank you for all you do for us at home. As well thank you to all of you that are keeping the home front up and running while our troops are serving our country Ð you have a big job too.”

Visit the Podcast To Troops Website.
Subscribe to the Podcast To Troops Podcast.
See Listing in the Podcast Alley Directory.