BitTorrent Search could Help with Podcasters

In an article published today on the Website, the popular BitTorrent application is about to unleash the free BitTorrent search tool, which will be the first large-scale commercial offering from BitTorrent, a five-person company. But what does this mean for podcasters?

Bandwidth is a growing concercn for podcasters that are starting to gain in popularity. BitTorrent could indeed be the answer, but there seems to be so many technical issues with it. But according to the Wired article, not only is BT releasing their new search engine, but they have also started releasing Betas of their new applications as well.

“Last week, Cohen released a new beta version of the official BitTorrent software that makes the process even easier by giving users the option of skipping the complicated step of setting up a special tracker to manage BitTorrent transactions.”

It seems like these 2 things could help solve some of the issues podcasters are having with BT distribution. I understand there are other issues (like the person downloading having BT installed) but at least it is a step in the right direction.

Listen to Podcasts while Playing XBOX 360

According to the Extreme iPod Website, “Microsoft’s upcoming Xbox 360 will have the ability to interface with the iPod, allowing users to simply plug their portable player in to the games console to play songs through it.”

Im always looking for new ways to use technology, and I guess this can be considered that. Now you too can listen to the Daily Source Code why playing with your new Xbox 360!

GarageBand Podcast Studio is Unveiled

What an exciting day for podcasting! First I hear about iTunes, and then I visited the podcasting section of the website recently and logged into my personal account. I was moderately impressed with some of the features that was offering, but pretty much it just looked like it always has.

They did make it a little bit easier to create playlists but I guess what they added was the ability to distribute the files with enclosures in an RSS feed. They also note that you can upload audio files and soon, call in audio messages, to attach to your musical playlist to create a podcast.

If anyone gives GarageBand a good trial, please post some comments or send emails to [email protected]

Touted Features:
- World’s largest catalog of podcast-ready music
- Record, Mix and Publish
- Phone-casting
- More accessible to listeners
- Now playing: over 40,000 active podcasts

Oh, here is a link to a press release if you are interested in more info.

iTunes 4.9 to Support Podcasts

Thanks, as alway, to Engadget for bringing the best news on technology. So here it is. Steve Jobs announced at the D Conference last night that iTunes 4.9 would have support for Podcasts (and that it will be available in 60 days). And there is more…lots more. Check out the following links for more details.

Read more here and here and here.

The MAKE Podcasting Tutorial Video

Thanks to Phil from Make magazine for the heads up on this. Check out the link on their site below where they offer a video file introducing a new how to in the most recent edition of Make.

“A lot of folks have been emailing and IMing me about how to get started in podcasting and here it is! We have a great how-to along with tips, tricks, software to use, gear suggestions and a lot more. You can get the magazine at most books stores or by subscribing and if you want to get an idea of what’s covered in the article- here’s a video I shot for a friend of the podcasting 101 section.”

The Whole Article.

Buy Podcast Ads on Ebay?

ebaylogo.gifAre you interested in advertising in a podcast but have not been quite sure how to do it? Well the Podcast “Hometown Tales” has found the perfect way for you to get involved.

Following in the footsteps of other interesting Ebay offerings, Hometown Tales is now auctioning off advertising in their podcast!

“Hometown Tales is a TV Show, Website and Podcast about local culture, folklore, urban legends, historical oddities, ghosts stories and whatever else makes a town unique. Every town has one.”

They podcast a 45 minute show weekly with average downloads of 1000 per episode. This unique chance will only last 9 more days (as of Mon, May 16 2005) so be sure to get in on the action! Be sure to Visit the ebay auction website for the Hometown Tales Podcast and see what the buzz is all about.

KYOU Radio Got 400+ Submissions in 2 Weeks

According to the Billboard Monitor Website, the Infinity podcast radio station will start on Monday, May 16th (3 days after Sirius). The first show, as the article explains, will feature a podcast by Dave Winer. This should be interesting.

“Infinity Broadcasting’s KYOURADIO, the world’s first-ever podcasting radio station, is set to launch Monday, May 16 at 9 a.m. ET, featuring content created exclusively by its listeners. The initiative was reported by on April 27. “

It sounds like the should have a lot of content as they have already accepted over 400 podcasts from 49 states and multiple countries throughout the world.

Read more at the Billboard Monitor Website.

Durex Buys Condom Product Placements In Podcasts

adagelogo.gifThere is a really great article on the website (found here) about Durex, Dawn and Drew and the new Podcast Advertising Arena.

Registration is free to read the article, so get to it!

Todd Cochrane/GNC : Podcasting Book Now Available

Hello AlleyBlog Readers! Today is an exciting day for podcasting, but especially for Todd Cochrane as the first Podcasting book is released! Tood Cochrane, of Geek News Central blog and podcast, has spent the last 3 months creating this wonderful podcasting book for you and I have had the privilege of pre-reading it and helping with the technical editing.

If interested, please click on the link to the book below to find out more, or to buy a copy. The book was written by a podcaster, for podcasters, listeners and future podcasters.

You can see Todds Press Release right here.

May 13. Channel 148. Sirius Podcasting Channel Starts

The time has come ladies and gentleman. On May 13th, 2005, Adam Currys’ PodShow Podcast will be LIVE on Sirius Satellite channel 148. Congratulations to Adam on his show, and Im looking forward to seeing a lot of new listeners around here.


See the PodShow Sirius Channel website here.