MSN Alerts: Do they Make sense for Podcasting?

msnlogo.gifOk. I have been reading news all day about a service that used to be called MessageCast. It was just bought out by Microsoft and rolled into a service they are calling “MSN Alerts”.

From what I gather from the new MSN site (which is completely awful, I cant even really find out what the site really does) this service will allow you to get an email, IM or SMS about updates to something that interests you. I didnt really understand at first how this made any sense until I started at looking at some of the affiliates they have.

* FOX Sports – Sports scores and updates from Fox Sports
* – Receive forecast and inclement weather alerts
* MSN Hotmail – Receive reminders of appointments, due dates, birthdays

But the problem is, they have only really been in the news (at least in my searching) because they have announced a podcasting service as well. They will send you an IM, SMS or email letting you know that updates are available for one of the podcasts you subscribe to.

Honestly, isn’t this why we have developed podcasts with RSS and the aggregators the way we have? I don’t need an SMS every time Adam Curry makes a new Daily Source Code. I just need to look in iPodder and it will show me it when it is downloaded and ready to play.

Maybe its just me. Your thoughts?

MarketWatch Website finds Trend in Godcasts


According to the MarketWatch Website:
“During the past month, searches for Godcasts have risen over 355%,” said Dean Tsouvalas, writer of the Lycos 50 report. “There are no specific ‘Pod preachers’ being queried, but it’s only a matter of time before the ‘Billy Graham’ of Podcasts emerges,” he wrote in an e-mail…In the past week, searches for Godcasts were as popular as queries about TV’s “ER” and model Naomi Campbell.”

Read the rest of this story on the Market Watch Website.

Make Mag Reviews new Yahoo! Music App

First off let me say this: I would follow Phil Torrone from company to company. I followed him from Engadget to Make Magazine. I love his writing style, insite and the fact that he loves being the tech nerd he is. With that said, lets get the point.

Recently on the Make website found here, Phil wrote up a review of the new Yahoo! Music application. Interesting enough it has a podcast plug-in and many other cool features. Check out this screen grab:

Yahoo Music App

You can read the Make Mag Blog Here and see all of the screen shots and the review that Phil did of the new software and site. (thanks PT).

iPodder Lemon/iTunes 4.8 Mandatory Fix

ipodderlogo.gifIt looks like if you have updated to the most recent version of iTunes (4.8) you may be experienceing problems getting your iPodder Lemon App to work. Fear not, Windows Users, it looks like the bug has been fixed in a new version. Get the details below.

Download the Fixed Version Here.

See the iPodder Lemon website Here.

Relivant iPodder Support forum Here,

Holy Crap! Insomnia Radio was Hi-Jacked!

The Insomnia Radio Podcast has been taken over by the independent anthem..check it out now!


See the Blog Now

PodScope to do Video and Audio

podscopeicon.gifThose of you doing your homework know that the podscope website and search engine was developed to “listen” to podcasts and create an index of all the words that were spoken for users to search. From what I understand, it was also announced that they will be implementing this same technology in indexing video podcasts as well. Excellent.

Read more at Web Pro News

BMI Clears the Air, Starts Podcast

bmilogo.gifFor those of you that have been keeping your eyes on certain areas of the recording industry, this story might interest you. In a recent press release, BMI’s website not claims to have “a clear path for podcasters to get more information on licensing music for their programs and to obtain BMI licenses 24 hours a day, 7 days a week”.

I know a few of you out there will want to pick this one apart….so let me know what you think. Another interesting thing they have started is a new podcast, promoting the music of recently signed artists.

“The podcast is a natural evolution of our long tradition of promotional CDs and our nationwide series of live showcases promoting new songwriter/artists,” said Graham. “Our close collaboration with creative executives at record companies and music publishers has shown a lot of excitement for this new format because of its immediacy and its portability. In addition, the availability of the podcast on, which reaches almost a million visitors each month, should be an excellent way of letting new talent reach its audience.”

Read the news story on their website. Unfotunately, they have not submitted to Podcast Alley yet, so no link to it.

WebProNews Exposes HP Podcasters

Just found a funny little post on the WebProNews website about a few top level HP execs podcasting and thought I would share it.

“The page, which sits on the official HP Web site — is the first instance of anything resembling “PodCasting” that we’re aware of by a senior executive in technology. In her most recent posting, recorded this morning, Denzel talks about a few of her favorite books.”

See all of them here.

USA Today says Podcasting Station will Fail

In an article today from USA Today, a reporter talked about the new San Francisco radio station that is going to start playing all podcast content. The thing that caught my eye was this…they think it will fail.

“It’s an interesting idea, although one that will likely fail. You don’t hear of a lot of people tuning in to late-night public access TV for a reason. And radio stations cost a lot to upkeep compared to Web sites, so it’s unlikely KYCY will make enough money to keep the station going.”

Now, Im not saying I disagree completely with the author. While getting podcasting content to a larger audience could have an excellent effect on podcasting, the terms of the agreement that podcasters must sign to get on the radio seem a bit out of hand. I guess i havent seen the agreement first hand so I shouldnt go making assumptions, but a number of podcasters I have talked to are strongly opposed to many of the terms. With this in mind, it will indeed be difficult to get any quality podcasters to sign up for this service.

Check it and figure out for yourself. Please, as always, post comments. I would love to hear what your thoughts are on the new Podcasting Radio Station…or email [email protected]

Read the full USA TODAY article on their website.

Legal Issues Shutdown WCKG Podcast

radiomonitorlogo.gifIt may come as no surprise to some of you reading this, but a Radio Broadcaster turned Podcaster has been forced to shut down his podcast. Apparently the content within the podcast was not covered in the agreement between Infinity Broadcasting and BMI, ASCAP, SESAC, etc.

“Chicago radio veteran and current Infinity talk WCKG afternoon host Steve Dahl has stopped making his show available as a podcast, a practice he started late last month, after discovering that podcasting is not covered under Infinity√ēs agreements with ASCAP, BMI and SESAC. Since downloads of the show are also not considered √ístreaming,? they have been halted as well.”

See the whole story at the Radio Billboard Monitor Website.