Anti-Piracy tax on iPods?

I was reading the news this morning and found an interesting article at the Extreme iPod website. It seems that in the Netherlands, they are debating adding an additional tax on all portable media devices.

“Stichting de Thuiskope, the lobbying group that represents music rights holders in the Netherlands, is proposing a plan which would see a tax of around 3 Euros per megabyte of storage on both MP3 players and hard drives, with the proceeds being divided up between artists”

According the the article, the above would add more than $250 to the price of a 60GB iPod!

Read it all at the Extreme iPod Website.

Libsyn Hits a Milestone!

Ok, so Im a couple of days late, but I didnt see anyone else talking about it and I thought I would give kudos to one of the best (and the service I refer most people to), and that is

I was recently browsing their site and found this gem:
One Million Downloads Served
A small piece of libsyn history that we would like to share with everyone. A milestone of 1,000,000 (one million) media files have been served by our system since January or so (when we really started counting correctly). Thanks to the amazing community of users, we have been able to grow our infrastructure to better handle all of you.
Look for things to get even bigger and better as this crazy world of podcasting expands. It took us 2 months to get to our first 100 users, then only a few weeks to get the next 100- 5 months to reach a million download offerings- it will be interesting to see how fast we can reach that second million!

We are here with you. Growing as you grow- pushing your voice out to the world. Without you, we’d have nothing to listen to while we work our asses off. Thank you!”

Congratulations to the boys at Libsyn! If you don’t know who they are or are interested in signing up for their service, then visit their website here and make sure you tell them podcastalley sent you :)

Adam Curry takes Podcasting to Sirius Listeners

currysirius.jpgAccording to the NY TIMES, “Adam Curry, a former MTV host who developed software that lets people automatically receive these programs on Apple’s iPod and other players, will produce and be host of a four-hour program every weekday starting May 13 on Sirius Satellite Radio.”

I dont know exactly how you guys feel, but i think this is Awesome. Talk about getting people hooked on the content of podcasts! Kudos to Curry for taking this step and for pushing podcast content to the next level.

Read the article online Here.

Podcasting is Maturing

I just wanted to take a second to leave a quick note for all you readers out there. My views on the progression of podcasting are different from many of yours. Why? Because I see the podcasting world a lot different than you do, of course.

When I think about how the podcasting world is evolving, I think about it from a technical stand point. I sit behind this computer everyday and answer emails and questions and activate peoples podcasts… and I have to admit that I am getting fewer and fewer “how do i make a podcast” questions and more “your site helped me fined everything I needed” emails. Thanks to all of you!

To continue, the submitted podcast feeds are 200% better than they have ever been. I would say 90% of the feeds submitted anymore are technically accurate with all enclosure info properly formatted! Kudos to podcasting software, to the podcast alley forum members and to everyone out there trying to make podcasting better and easier.

Heck, even Paris Hilton figured out how to podcast so it must be getting easier.

Its Official: Geoghegan to do Disney Podcast

Congratulations to Michael and the team on the latest news, the Disney 50th Anniversary podcast is sure to be an excellent one considering the talent they have producing it.

“Take the magic of the Happiest Homecoming On Earth wherever you go! The Disneyland¨ Resort is offering podcasts direct from the 50th Anniversary Press Event. Michael W. Geoghegan plays host for this sneak peek at the biggest celebration in Disney history, including interviews, stories and other exciting events direct from the Disneyland¨ Resort on May 3, 4 & 5, 2005.”

Find the Disney Podcast on this page!

Podcasting Rumors about Disney

disneylogo.jpgRumors have been floating around that long time podcaster Michael Geoghegan from Reel Reviews podcasting fame may now be taking on a new podcasting venture.

If what I have heard is true, Geoghegan has been selected as the Official Podcaster for the 50th Anniversary Celebration kick off at Disneyland!

If this news is indeed true, this is Excellent! Not only for Michael, but also for all of podcasting. The true power of niche content and marketing at its finest. Keep your eyes open and if you hear anything, please leave a comment or shoot me an email.

Wired Magazine Chimes in on Podcasting/Radio

wiredlogo.gifIm sure you have seen the Infinity Broadcasting story every place, and of course we will post about it as well. We will hopefully get some full reviews soon, but from what I understand, Podcasters don’t get many, if any, rights once they sign up….so make sure before you jump in that YOU READ THE CONTRACT FULLY!

“Infinity plans to convert San Francisco’s 1550 KYCY, an AM station, to listener-submitted content. The station, previously devoted to a talk-radio format, will be renamed KYOURadio.”

Thanks to Wired Magazine for the story. PS…did anybody else notice the giant Senseo Coffee ads? How interesting is that?!

Audio Hijack Updated…Significantly

audiohijacklogo.jpgFor all you Macintosh podcasters (especially you who have already upgraded to Tiger 10.4) you will be happy to know that software company Rogue Amoeba has updated their popular audio tool Audio Hijack.

The new version is claimed to be their most significant free update to a software package ever. Here is a short list of some of the new and improved features in the new v2.5:

  • Improved Recording – New options and features for recording
      * AAC Quality Selector
      * More variables in ID3 tags and Naming field
      * Silence Monitor now features a “Stop Recording After” option
  • Full Applescriptability – Control Audio Hijack Pro with AppleScripts
  • Radio Input Source – Supporting Griffin’s RadioSHARK and D-Link’s DSB-R100
  • Application Mixer plugin – Allows input from multiple applications
  • System Audio Input Source – Hijack and Record all audio at once
  • Silence Generator Audio Device input – for use with VST instruments or the new Application Mixer plugin
  • Disk Status window – shows available disk space on all volumes
  • Additional plugin support – including Cocoa AudioUnit and AudioUnit Generator plugins
  • Overlapping Timer Detection – Checks timers to avoid overlapping recordings

Check out the new features and get your copy now on the Rogue Amoeba Website.

Macworld Magazine Podcast

macworldlogo.gifHey Mac Geeks and Macworld Magazine lovers…you may be happy to know that the Macworld Magazine has started their own geek podcast titled, what else, but the “Macworld Geek Factor Podcast”.

Here is what they say about their podcast:
“Occasional geeky Mac podcasts from Macworld magazine.”

See Details here.

Bob and Tom to Podcast?

Those of you who know who Bob and Tom are (a syndicated morning FM radio talk show) will love this one…they have decided to syndicate their shows in podcast format! The problem, as with everything cool they do, is that it is a premium member service. This means you will probably not be able to find it in the Podcast Alley directory because right now there is no way for me to index podcasts that require registration/payment. I guess this is something I will have to work on.

Check out the Bob and Tom homepage here for more info on their podcasting efforts.