Credit Tips Podcast

truecreditlogo.gifThere is a New podcast out there called “Credit Tips”. It is brought to you buy the True Credit website and TransUnion. From what I gather the subject of the podcast is a pretty good one. They aim to help people with their credit. This is a subject very near and dear to my heart right now b/c I’m in the process of trying to buy a house.

“Information to help you manage, improve and protect your credit.”

Find it Here

DoubleClick Releases Advertising Report – Podcasting Included

In a PR Newswire release just published, DoubleClick (the advertising people) have released a new paper entitled “Decade in Online Advertising”. While the whole report was quite fascinating to me (with my marketing and advertising background) there was one specific section that the addresses theat they put particular emphasis on.

“Media Companies and Advertisers Must Adapt to Consumers’ Demand for Control” was the header for the section I am speaking about. The specific point that was made is “The ultimate expression of consumers’ desire to have more control over their content is reflected in the “citizen’s media” movement of weblogs, social networks, audio podcasting and more.”

It seems to me that the many new delivery methods that are emerging, podcasting included, are indeed being paid attention to. And for those podcasters out there reading this blog and the DoubleClick report right now…what are you doing to prepare for when someone comes knocking on your door for advertising? Are you interested in advertising in your podcast and if so, at what price? Do you have any idea of your demographics or who is listening to your show?

This upward slant with the popularity of podcasting is not stopping anytime soon. Be Ye Prepared.

The Release

To Good To Pass Up

There is a good article here from about podcasting, one of the iPodder Python programmers and the future of podcasting.

However, the best part (in my opinion) of this article is the diagram at the very top. If you are not interested in reading more about a programmer and podcasting, at least click through and check out their cartoon drawing titled “Podcasting: The DIY Guide to a Revolution”. The diagram actually does a pretty decent job of explaining the podcasting process in a simple form.

Forbes Podcast?


“Forbes On Radio is a new weekly three-hour program that brings Forbes editors, outside experts and opinion leaders to bear on an enormous range of topical issues to take you behind today’s headlines and ahead of tomorrow’s. “

According to their website, they call it a podcast but I am yet to find a link to their XML or RSS file for it. I hope they get on the ball and provide one to us (I have emailed them and awaiting a reply) because I would be interested in hearing some of their programming.

What would not make me happy is if they were just dropping the name “podcast” on their site to get into search engines and blogs (like they just did this one).

Powerful Writing in the Chicago Tribune

I read an article today (found here) that both inspired and moved me. The recent events with the loss of the Pope and the Catholic Insiders coverage of this event have changed me…and many others. Never before has an event so far away felt so personal to so many people. Maybe you are thinking the same thing, or maybe not.

Find the Chicago Tribune article here about the power of those Catholic Insider podcasts that were so monumental to so many people. The Chicago Tribune article titled “The ubiquity of the iPod” did a fine job in coveying the power of podcasting through a heart felt story.

Environmental News Network Podcast

ennlogo.jpgThe ENN seems to be jumping into podcasting and focusing in on one special thing we like to call…sound-seeing tours.

If you subscribe to their podcast, they were take you on a journey of the sky and the stars explain the things you see in the sky. Here is what they say:

“The first installment of “Sky Tour” is designed for beginners who may not be closely familiar with what they’re seeing when they look up at the sky at night. Quock guides you to the brightest objects in the sky so that you can orient yourself, and takes you from there to the more subtle aspects of the sky that you may not have noticed before.”

Here is their XML File and their News Page.

Music Videos and Streaming

On back to back days I have started hearing tons about online delivery of video. Most of the buzz has revolved around Universal and some deals they are striking. According to The Tennessesan (my local Nashville Paper), Universal has struck a deal with MSN to stream videos online. Likewise, according to, AOL (and soon Yahoo!) have also stuck a similar deal with them.

The articles claim that accordng to AccuStream iMedia Research there were over 5 billion music videos streamed over the internet last year alone.

Now you may be asking, why is Chris bringing this up? The original idea behind podcasting as I understand it (by Adam Curry and Dave Winer) was the automatic downloading of videos, not audio as it is today. While audio may have made podcasting what it is today, and has carved out its own niche, I do believe that video podcasting could be equally as powerful down the road.

I think these deals between companies like Unieversal and Yahoo, AOL and MSN are just opening the gates for larger content distributions from everybody including Warner Bros, BMG, EMI, Sony, etc. Keep your radars on because lots could start happening with on demand audio, video and the like.

Got Podcasts? Get on the PodBus

I don’t think I have heard of this site before but I saw one of their ads on and decided to click through to check it out. I still have no real idea of their quality or how long they have been around, but if you do…please email me at [email protected] or leave me a comment.

You can check out there website at

Some of their Specs:
300mb / Big Pipe / Automatic XML / $4.00 a Month. For an additional $2 a month they will also host a few web pages for you.

Martha Stewart Signs to Sirius Satellite Radio

With all the talk and press podcasting has been getting, it seems XM and Sirius are taking a note from the niche audio work we have been doing with the announcement of a Martha Stewart Living Radio Channel.

They Say:
“The 24-hour-a-day, seven-days-a-week Martha Stewart Living Radio channel will air programs devoted to cooking, gardening, health, housekeeping and weddings.”

Read the whole thing Here.

Why I don’t use Blogger

Everybody has problems. Im not calling them out or anything, but if I were were using blogger as my blog, i would be screwed becuase I can not login to add any news now. luckily, my blog still worked for people to see, but I still couldnt login to add or update anything.