The First All Internet Podconference

Received this email announcement today about the first ever PodConference…

PODDEX 1.0 is announced for November 17,2005 has announced the next step in the ever expanding use of a new method for Portable On Demand audio content, known as Podcasting. With thousands Podcasting a wide variety of content, the continuing development of this new medium is changing the way audio files are used and distributed. The announcement today provides the next logical step in the evolution of information distribution, Podconferencing. Using the latest technological advance in Voice Over Internet Protocol, and the power of a peer-to-peer system, Podconferencing has arrived. PODDEX 1.0 will be the first all Internet Podconference.”

See more about it at

New Podcast: Top of the Pods

Every once in a while I like to list a promo for a podcast that looks interesting to me. A new one I am going to add to my podcatcher for a test run will be the Top of the Pods podcast.

“Top Of The Pods bring you the ultimate Top Ten Lists. From the obscure to the damn right bandwagon popular, our Top Tens leave the rest for dust. Our views, our reviews – our Top Tens. But we don’t stop there. We want your Top Tens too. Firstly we’re a lazy pair and if you can write our content then great – less work for us! But seriously, we want to hear what makes your Top Tens too. You may get slated, but you may have us bow down in humble adoration.”

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PodScope Update

It has launched. My last post about podscope was saying they were “Coming Soon”. Well soon has come and their website at is now officially up and running and doing a pretty killer job.

The technology they are using of converting the audio to searchable keywords just blows me away. This will revoloutionize the way people find podcasts.

RIAA Targeting Podcasters Next?

I have been hearing a lot about this topic, and searches in Google turn up a lot of results, but if you are looking for an article to read yourself, check this one out.

They bring up a lot of good opinions and ideas so if you are a podcaster and have any type of audio in your podcast, you might want to consider reading this one and doing some additional research.

Apple releases Soundtrack Pro

Apple is introducing what they claim is a revolutionary audio editing program called Soundtrack Pro and it retails for about $299. It may be overkill for podcasters and it may have too many advanced features, but I just thought i would throw it out there for you guys to sink your teeth into. If anyone decides to give it a test, please email me with results at [email protected]

What they say about their software:
“Manipulate audio in a breakthrough nondestructive, sample-accurate waveform editor with Actions. Reorder, suspend, modify and delete any edit, effect or process. Quickly identify, preview and fix common audio problems such as background noise, pops, clicks and hum. Stretch audio without affecting pitch.”

If you have 90 seconds of free time and want to get an idea of what this software can do, Click here to watch their video demo of the software…otherwise see the Software on Apples Website.

Phil Torrone (ex-Engadget) is Back with Make: DIYcast

makelogo.gifWell folks, it seems like the wait is over. Phillip Torrone, formally the mastermind behind the Engadget Podcast, has started another podcast with his new company, Make.

They say their podcast, “…like the magazine, is loaded with exciting projects, hacks, science and news that help you make the most of your technology.”

A 30 min format should allow you to get all your gadget news. However, there has been no indication of how often the show will be produced. Stay tuned for more info on this.

‘Visual radio’ headed for U.S. cell phones

From what I understand, Infinity Broadcasting (one of the Radio Groups other than Clear Channel) is making a move to become more technology oriented. They are reported to be working with HP to bring FM to your cell phone….along with album covers, concert dates and the ability to buy the album through your cell phone.

Their mission, reinventing FM for the digital age.

“Infinity, Clear Channel and other radio stations are beginning to move more of their content online and distribute their content in downloadable podcasts, and they’re ultimately moving toward digitizing their over-the-air transmissions.”

Read this story here.

As a side note, Here is another interesting and related story about it.

iPods are “The Buzz” again on Yahoo!

yahoobuzzlogo.gifOn April 15, 2005 Yahoo! once again (through their Buzz indexing) found that iPods and related searches were once again at the top of the list of keywords searched for on their search engine.

Considering how important the Apple iPods were with the rapid expansion of podcasting I thought it was only relivant to point this out that they are still some of the hottest items and most searched for items out there. Go Podcasting!

Read it all Here.

Eric Rice says AudioBlog for FREE!

audiobloglogo.gifEric Rice reported today on his blog that he is having so much fun with all the different ways you can post audio blogs (and video) that they want to offer everyone a free 7 day trial to let you see the power of their service.

“..We’ve decided to let everyone take for a spin for a limited time. Until April 30th, you can get a free trial for seven days. Podcast and videoblog like there’s no tomorrow. Add as many blogs as you like or create as many RSS feeds as you like. Record MP3 files over the web, use a phone, or upload podcats you may have already created in other desktop software.”

Read Erics’ post Here

Making Podcasts with Propaganda

propagandalogo.gifThere is a new software out there poised to change the podcasting world…from the creation side. The name of the software is Propaganda. I got my hands on a copy today and will be taking it for a test drive to let you guys know what I think its worth.

keep your eyes open for more, or check out there free trial at