Owner Sells Radio Stations and become Podcast Only

Wow. Thats all I can really say when I read this. There may be more to this story that we dont know, but just from the outside looking in this is pretty amazing. The true power of the podcasting revolution.

“I was there when FM radio came into its own and saw the impact on AM radio. I have also seen the impact satellite radio has had on FM radio. I can now see the incredible possibilities that Podcasting can have globally on the way people listen to content. Now they can listen to programs they want to listen to, when they want to listen to it,” he said.”

Read it all right Here.

Clear Channel: LIM Campaign

radiomonitor.gifIn an effort to combat the rise of many new distribution methods, radio and CC, have come up with their LIM Campaign which means…Less Is More.

From what I gather, they are reducing the number of commercials (especially longer commercials) and charging more for them. They claim to be “selling more 30-second spots than before its Less Is More initiative began … and 15-second commercials are the company’s fastest growing revenue stream of the past two years.”

A lot more needs to be done, but it seems that they are on the right path to saving themselves…but will it be enough to conquer the podcasting movement? I say for now, there is still a need for traditioinal FM, although not much. The day that I pull my car into my driveway and my cars’ FM receiver connects to my home media center for podcast updates, radio is dead. Is this a far fetched idea? Not by any means.

Call to Action: In the forums at www.podcastalley.com/phpBB2 there have been discussions about how to make the above scenario happen. The problem right now is that it requires me to have a computer in my car. Not feasible. What other solutions are there to have my car sync with my house automatically?

Read the Billboard Radio Monitor article here.

Movie Industry checking out Bit Torrent

Ok. This, to me, is excellent. For an entity such as this to finally come out and say they support the use of Bit Torrent, but dont really get it, is a big step in the right direction. For the longest time, to the non-tech world, BT has been seen as a bad thing… a way to pirate things. Read more…

” Hollywood is anxious to embrace BitTorrent as a method of movie distribution, according to Vint Cerf, one of the fathers of the Internet.

Cerf, who co-created TCP/IP, told a roundtable on Internet governance in Sydney, Australia, this week that he had recently discussed file-sharing program BitTorrent with at least two interested movie producers.”

One last note…BT could become instrumental in the distribution in podcasts, both audio and video, in the future and i think this can help our cause greatly.

Read it all Here

ZD Net: Bid on Ad Space, Help Tsunami Relief

ZD Net is trying some interesting stuff with their podcasts. They are actually auctioning off (for charity) on ebay, advertising space in their podcasts. This is a unique and interesting spin, but I love the idea. They are using their name to help not only promote the winning bidder but they are also helping the children effected by the recent tsunamis.

“The winning bidder of this auction will be entitled to the placement of one audio advertisement (akin to a “radio spot”) and one sponshorship “plug” in five episodes of ZDNet’s IT Matters (Information Technology Matters). IT Matters is a series of 30 to 60 minute downloadable audio interviews (known as “podcasts”) about technology trends and issues hosted by ZDNet executive editor David Berlind. This is an offer of exclusive sponshorship. In other words, except for “house” promotions of ZDNet’s own content and services, or those of its parent company CNET Networks, you will be the sole third-party sponsor of each of the five episodes.”

Here is the whole Story and Ebay Auction

BBC Adds 20 More!

The BBC continues to amaze me. 20 new shows = wow! They must have seen good results from podcasting to start these trials with so many more shows. Here is the list of new shows they announced on their site.

- Today (Radio 4, daily) – 8.10am interview
- In Business (Radio 4, weekly)
- From Our Own Correspondent (Radio 4, weekly/twice weekly)
- In Our Time (Radio 4, weekly)
- Reith Lectures (Radio 4, run of six)
- Sportsweek (Radio Five Live, weekly)
- Rumour Mill – (Radio Five Live, weekly)
- Mark Kermode film review slot (Radio Five Live, weekly)
- Radio 1 speech highlights – to be confirmed
- Go Digital (World Service, weekly)
- Documentary archive (World Service, twice weekly)
- TX documentaries (1Xtra, weekly) – various subjects
- Gaelic Letter (BBC Radio Nan Gaidheal, weekly)

See the whole story here.

My Hand was Forced

Unfortunately, the true essence of the podcasting community has been lost (or at least blurred) at PodcastAlley.com. A few differnet people seem to be hurting more than helping.

If you remember, the PodcastAlley.com site is all about community and podcasters helping each other and their listeners. Recently, some users have gotten a little out of control and I have been forced to add some rules on moderation to the site.

Please visit the forum and check out the new rules if you care and feel free to comment. The goal really is to provide a place where veterans and amateurs alike can go to share, help, praise, etc and not feel intimidated by anybody.

Thanks to everyone who is helping make this possible :)

Financial Aid Podcast

Proof again that you can find anything in a podcast! If you are a college student (or parent of one) check out this podcast for information on financial aid and the FAFSA.

“The Student Financial Aid News Podcast brings you the latest news and information about student loans, scholarships, and in depth financial aid information.”

See the Details Here

Association of Music Podcasting LIVE!

Amplogo.jpgWell the wait is over. The long awaited redesign of the AMP website is complete. New logo, New look…same kick a** music.

See the new website, and download some podcasts from them at their website

Can we Trust Forrester?

After the problems stirred up over the Pew reports, how soon will we be able to trust another report? Neville Hobson from Web Pro News discusses this a bit further at Here.

UPDATE: www.podshows.com (note the “s”)

Earlier today i posted about the PodShows.com services and how interesting i thought it was…then I went out and tried it. Needless to say, i was very NOT impressed by my findings.

As I was browsing their selection, something caught my eye and I decided to create and account and make the purchase. After creating my account and verifying it through email I add the “podcast” to my cart and started to check out only to find that I had to re-enter all of my information into a 3rd party site to purchase the “podcast”. Not a good start.

I finally got through putting all my info in AGAIN and was happy that I would finally be getting my new podcast subscription. But another let down was to follow. I logged in to my account on their website (where you find your feed, subscriptions, etc) and clicked on my new subscription only to find that this was NOT a “podcast”. They only let me have the file in a stream!!!

And as if that wasn’t enough, the stream was in WMA format only. Im on a Mac, and dont have Microsoft apps installed. This made me sad.

So today, Im $1 poorer and a little ticked at PodShows.com and their misrepresentation of their service. I thought that it was bad that they were only going to allow me to have 60% of each song, but to not even offer the file for download…disturbing.

I hope somebody else has a good experience with them. If you do, please let me know by emailing [email protected]