Buzz Out Loud Podcast

Another interesting podcast showing up today… the Buzz Out loud Podcast from the Website.

“Molly Wood, author of the Buzz Report and the Daily Buzz, and Tom Merritt, author of the Real Deal, give you their take on what’s happening in tech news this week.”

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Last Respects to the Pope, Much Thanks to the Catholic Insider

catholicinsider_banner_by.gifIn my honest opinion, the Catholic Insider podcast has done revolutionary work for podcasting and distributing news to the masses. Im not Catholic, but do respect the Pope and am extremely grateful to Father Roderick (from the Catholic Insider) for providing such a great service to the world through his podcast.

I was touched in a way I have never been through listening to his podcast and watching the events unfold in a way that only podcasting could provide.

“As millions of pilgrims streamed into Rome this past week, a Dutch priest led Internet listeners on an intimate audio tour that allowed them to pay one last visit to Pope John Paul II before he was laid to rest…Father Roderick Vonhogen brought the Catholic Church’s ancient rites to life through a cutting-edge format: the podcast, a radio-style show that is distributed over the Internet.”

Read more about the the Catholic Insider and his works.

Amazing Podcast Search

I cant believe how much technology and innovation is just crawling out of the woodwork! Podscope is a new company that is doing some absolutely crazy stuff.

So what do I mean by crazy? They have a new search engine (coming soon) that actually “listens” to your podcast and creates an index of all the words you speak! What does this mean? It means people will be able to search for certain keywords and if you speak them in your podcast, they will come up in the search engine.

Mind Blowing, cant wait to see how this one works out, it could be very empowering to both podcasters and listeners. One note, make sure you speak clearly in your podcasts :)

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Holy Cow, Radio

podshows.gifAll i can say about this one, is wow. I had thought about it but had not really seen it coming. If what I am understanding is correct, this is both good and bad.

“Paul Gambaccini, Tony Blackburn and Wes Butters are among DJs backing a revolutionary new service bringing radio to the iPod generation…In a world first, they are to bypass conventional radio to reach listeners and record shows specially for download from the internet….Podcasts will play only 60% of a song to make sure the service is not used as a cheap method of downloading tracks – 99p will buy an hour-long music show. Every track played will be linked to a download service allowing listeners to buy it there and then.”

Extremely intriguing idea, but this being from the UK, i dont know what 60p or 99p is. They are going to charge me for ever single podcast? If so, this will be an interesting one. I have been wondering how people were going to create subscriptions with login and passwords for rss feeds without worrying about people sharing the feed, podcast, etc. I just may have to sign up and get me an account to find out.

So what makes this good? For me, someone is pushing the envelope, offering (hopefully) good content and music and finding a way to monetize it. Whats the bad? They seem to charge per podcast, they only play 60% of each song and most importantly, i dont know what 99p is :)

If anyone has any details, please send them to [email protected] so i can get a better grasp on this one.

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Connie and Reg Radio Show

I just had to post this show to the Promos section because the description was great! If you are a podcaster and are looking to get more listeners, a good description will help.

“The place where the lifestyle of ’65 meets the music of ’05! They’re too hip for the old crowd and too old for the hip crowd.”

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Gmail Invites

Like everybody else, I too have tons of extra gmail accounts. If you need one and some how dont know anyone who will give you one, email [email protected] and i will get you yours.

Happy Fish Podcast Software

Happy Fish has a piece of software that they are marketing in a very interesting way. Although it is to US a podcast downloading client, they have updated their thinking a bit (which I have been waiting for).

“HappyFish will download your enclosures (podcasts, mp3′s, videos, apps, whatever) to your computer while you sleep and sync them to most USB based external storage devices or mp3 players.”

Now, the way I thought of Podcasting when I first heard was this: People will have the ability to automatically send FILES to others, automatically. Not only mp3s or videos, but all files.

Podcasting is cool because of the way it gives a voice to bloggers, but it would also be cool to send daily newsletters for business men, daily source files for application developers, daily photos for porn websites, and on and on.

Anyway, check out the Happy Fish software if you are on a Windows Machine and give it a review for other listeners out there.

Clear Channel tries to Tighten its Grip

The Clear Channel folks have obviously realized that they are having some troubles. They have started a giant new promotional pacakge for their new “Stripped” programming that includes satelite, email marketing, rebroadcasting features and podcasting.

“According to The Wall Street Journal, Clear Channel hopes to tighten the relationship between listeners and their local radio stations, as well as increase revenue by selling online ads that will appear on the podcasts.”

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Some Reporters Still Don’t get it

nz_little_logo.gifI stumbled upon an article this morning from The New Zeland Herald. It seems to me, the author doesn’t get it yet. Here are a few quotes from the site:

“The term – an abbreviation of broadcasting and iPod – is just a hip name for downloading audio content…If you have a favourite daily radio news show, in the spirit of podcasting, you can download it overnight, transfer it to your iPod the next morning and listen to it on the way to work, uninterrupted by advertising or buffering problems where the internet feed drops out for one of a hundred reasons.”

Now, Im pretty sure I get podcasting, and from what i understand podcasting is not a hip name for downloading audio content. Podcasting is the delivery method, which also makes his second part a bit wrong. From what I gather, he thinks you have to manually download the mp3s, then manually transfer them to your ipod or portable media device.

Podcasters, listen up. We still have a lot of work to do. There is still a lot of educating to be done and it is not going to happen unless you get out there and do it.

Read the rest Here.

Extreme Podcasting?

Everytime I think I have heard the most extreme podcast, another one jumps out and scares me. I recently caught wind of the “Lorenzo Garianos Everst Ascent 2005″. For some odd reason, I could not open the audio files on my computer, but accessing them directly from their website worked ok.

“Adventurer Lorenzo Gariano is part of a ten-man collaborative expedition between and the 7summits club from Russia, led by Alex Abramov and Harry Kikstra, to the North Face of Everest this April and May. Follow his progress through his audio blog and GPS position reports on these pages.”

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