The 2009 Podcast Awards Start in Less Than 1 Week!

Podcast Awards 2009

Podcast Awards 2009

In less than 1 week, the 2009 submissions and voting starts again.

For those of you who don’t know what the Podcast Awards are, it is an event featuring 20+ categories of top fan podcasts. The listeners submit their favorite shows to the site for consideration of the award. The polls open for a few weeks and fans & listeners can vote for their favorite shows in each category. The coveted spot, of course, is the Peoples Choice award as it highlights the best of the best of all submitted podcasts.

What the Founders Say about the Podcast Awards

We have taken great care in the design and launching of this site to give all podcasters an equal chance in the opportunity to win a People’s Choice Podcasting Award in their specific category. This is the Fifth annual event that will recognize the best podcasters in the world by allowing the people (Listeners and Podcasters) to nominate, and then vote for their favorite podcast.

The nomination submissions start Oct 4, 2009 followed by voting in early October. The site will see over 350,000 hits per day based upon 2008 levels.

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How to Use Screenr for Podcasting!



Today we are going to talk about a new web app called screenr. The idea behind this site is to allow an easy way to create a screencast and instantly tweet it, without having any software or hardware (other than the computer you are using of course). However I started thinking… what can’t this tool be for podcasters too?

I started digging a bit deeper and found some pretty cool features.

Features of Interest to Podcasters:

  1. After recording, screenr converts your video to web, iPhone and .mp4 versions. You can download the native file or send it directly to YouTube!
  2. Since all podcasters use Twitter, they also let you tweet your new video instantly, to share them as fast as possible
  3. They give you an embed player, with a sexy HD player
  4. They track plays. Awesome!

They make the service so drop dead easy, anyone can do it! It works on a mac or pc without installing software, so you can create new content on any computer around the world. So leave your laptop behind, and make your next guest record the demo for you!

Why Would I Use screenr for My Podcast?

  • Website Demos
  • Software Tutorials
  • Product Walkthroughs
  • Product Teasers
  • PC/Mac Repair Shows
  • Anything you can see on your screen, you can record with screenr!

What is Screenr, In Their Own Words

Screenr is a web-based tool that lets you create screencasts without installing any software. You just click the record button and your screen activity is recorded along with narration from your microphone. Screenr then publishes your screencast in high-definition Flash format. Screenr makes it easy to share your screencast on Twitter, YouTube or anywhere else on the web. Even iPhone users can view your screencast.

Check Out the Demo (showing what Screenr looks like on an iPhone)

Interview: Scrap Time Podcast Answers the 6.5 Questions

Scrap Time Podcast

I have been listening to and watching podcasts for years, and I have to admit, this one took me by surprise. Maybe it is the artist in me, but after watching 2 minutes of one episode, I was a subscriber!

With over 400 episodes produced (Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday since 2007) Christine shows you altered projects, techniques, products and tools that will bring out the scrapbooker and artist in everyone! And the best part is, the video episodes are about the content (the artwork and techniques) not the host (although she is great)! Read the Scrap Time interview now, or just skip it and subscribe to the show. Your going to love it!

About Scrap Time

Scrap Time is a video podcast for the scrapbooking community produced in Toronto, Ontario. Your host, Christine, is a long time scrapbooker who works at her LSS (that’s scrapbooker talk for “local scrapbooking store” in case you didn’t know). Scrap Time presents the latest new techniques, products, altered projects and tools to help you make your scrapbooking time more enjoyable and productive. Learn everything from the basics to the latest as Christine shares her passion for scrapbooking as well as her comprehensive knowledge of the subject in these short, informative, fun videos. There may be some talk about handmade cards and stamping as well, since those are two of her specialties.

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Featured 5 Podcasts for the Week of September 21st

These podcasts could be the outline for one awesome day! First off, the DaddyCast will get you started honing in on your parenting tips. Follow that up with some exercise and move right into a productive afternoon with the Nasty Grind punk rock show! Relax into the evening activating your brain with computer tips and random news from BitnappingTV and the Average Joe Show. These are your featured 5 for September 21st – 27th, 2009!

1. The DaddyCast
Parenting from the hip. A podcast about being a dad, enjoying my kids, the trials and troubles that 2 sons cause and life within and around being a father. A daddycast for the community for dads and all parents to share advice and stories about raising a family.

2. Get Exercised with Dina Prioste
Certified yoga instructor and actress Dina Prioste demonstrates exercises each week that you can try at home or the office. She often takes breaks to each chocolate and drink tea & sometimes has the help of her friend McDucky. Once in a while she can’t even get into the pose fully, but she always has an exercise for you on Thursday.

3. Nasty Grind
Do it fast, get it quicker with Lord Muck on the Nasty Grind show. Primitive garage, punk, and wild-ass rock’n’roll, part of the amazing Podcast network!!

4. BitnappingTV
BitnappingTV is an almost daily show with brief tips and tricks on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. We bring you the stuff that makes you day to day computer life easier.

5. Average Joe Show
Join Corey and Ward as they get together every week and discuss anything that interests them from the news.

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EVENTS: 2 New Podcamps in October – Philly and Pittsburgh


Planning your evens for the coming month and need something new and interesting to do? Don’t forget to add the new PodCamps to your calendar if you live in Philadelphia or Pittsburgh! Events were just announced, so check out the links below for more information.

About PodCamp

For those of you who are unfamiliar with PodCamp, it is a usually free BarCamp-style community UnConference for new media enthusiasts and professionals including bloggers, podcasters, YouTubers, social networkers, and anyone curious about new media. And it’s not just for podcasters, its for anyone interested in producing content for the web for social networks, podcasts, music, blogs, tweets… pretty much everything awesome.

Upcoming Events in October

Interview: Lipstick n’ Laundry Podcast

Lipstick N Laundry

Lipstick N' Laundry

Featured: Lipstick N’ Laundry

Judi Diamond and Kate Frisnia take their female fans (and you men who are fearless enough to try and keep up) down the gossip rabbit hole! These outspoken ladies keep you up to date on pop culture, Hollywood gossip and new trends too. Recent episodes talk about Sex and the city, cocktails at kids parties, dancing with the stars and Facebook flings!

Read the interview with the Lipstick N’ Laundry ladies! And when you are ready to subscribe, head over to the Lipstick n’ Laundry page on Podcast Alley.

About the Show

Cutting edge discussion about current topics, modern trends, gossip and family life! Lipstick n’ Laundry is a snarky look at stupid celebrities, trends, politics and hot button topics with a woman’s edge! Just because you have to do laundry, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wear lipstick! We ain’t your mothers mothers!

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A Step Above – Mevio Produces Daily Videos to Promote Top Content

I have talked about (formerly PodShow) many times here on the Podcast Alley blog. When they started out they were known as the first company to host podcasts, but they have evolved quite a bit over the years. I would like to take a minute to talk about one of the things I like about what they are doing these days.

Lots of New Content, Every Single Day

While they still offer free podcast hosting to anyone who wants it, they also have a full promotions team that sits around all day, every day, and finds great new content to feature throughout the site. For those who may not know, Mevio has 4 networks they actively promote content to daily: men, women, tech and music. Pretty basic, but it covers the needs of quite a large audience out there. But this also means that they have to find fresh and interesting content 7 days a week to keep the 6 million+ monthly visitors happy.

On top of what people see every day by clicking through the site (that being dozens of featured audio and video shows as well as indie musicians), they also create unique promotional videos every day too (found on the homepage of the site). These videos promote new content loaded into each of their four networks, and are created in house in Mevio’s production studios. Check out the video below to see an example of one days production to feature a bit of content from each of their networks.

See It In Action

I have not seen this kind of promotional work done online with any other media network (new or traditional) with the exception of a few major networks who have tried, failed and stopped trying to produce content daily. It really is a tough thing to do, but Im glad Mevio does it. It gives lots of opportunity for promotions of both Mevio’s in-house podcasts, and new podcasts as well.

About Mevio

MEVIO hosts networks of personality-driven episodic entertainment to best engage our customers-comprised of viewers, producers, advertisers and partners.  Mevio also has a platform that allows podcast producers to host and deliver their shows for free, while being presented with an opportunity to make money with their show as well.

Freelance Switch Offers Up List of 31 Podcasts for Freelancers

Freelance Switch

One of the blogs/websites I am a big fan of, Freelance Switch, empowers freelancers around the world. Not only is it a great place to find & promote freelance work, they also work hard to keep their users engaged and up to date with the latest happenings in the independent world (including many resources, an active forum, job boards, a podcast and much more). But lets get on to the reason I am telling you all of this site…

While the folks at Freelance Switch have been podcasting since 2007 (find their podcast here), they have been helping freelancers for even longer. Most recently, they published an article titled 31 Podcasts That Keep Freelancers in the Loop where they highlighted some great podcasts for their loyal site visitors. I was surprised to find out how many of these shows I was actually subscribed to!

My Favorite Shows from Their List:

Kudos to the guys at Freelance Switch for their freelancers podcast short list! But also a big thanks for their years of service in helping indie content creators, coders, designers and more keep on doing what we love doing… Freelancing :)

How To Brainstorm Episode Topics Using Google Adwords Keyword Tool

This post is part of Podcast Alley’s ongoing podcaster resources section. This is the first in a multi-post series on producing great quality podcasts with a guest post from VP of Production, Nik Mac.

Google AdWords

Google AdWords

Ever wonder why your show, whether it’s audio or video, doesn’t have the same punch as shows that have massive followings? Of course you have, but I bet you always lay in your bed crying yourself to sleep dreaming about all the expensive equipment and professional help they have. QUIT CRYING! I’ll help you solve the problem.

Over the next few months I am going to help teach you how to use your Kmart microphone and your grandma’s video recorder to make you look like the bad-ass your are — and achieve the fame, adoration from throngs of fans, and glowing praise of critics you know you deserve.

Before we get into the actual production of your show let’s find out if anyone even cares about what you have to say! And how do you find that out? One quick and easy way to brainstorm is Google Adwords: Keyword Tool.

While this may seem daunting, it really is quite simple. Type what you think you want your show to be about and Google will tell you how often that word is searched for. Even better than that, it searches for synonyms of the text you entered and common misspellings. The key to getting ranked is not trying to compete with the highest ranking results, but to find a niche right in the middle. In other words, if the little green bar is all the way full, your chances of being anywhere near the top of Google’s search is next to impossible.

In the coming weeks, I’ll show you how to think differently and rank your show, but for now get on the Keyword Tool and start finding out what your potential audience is actually searching for.

Other Producer Resources:

Featured 5 Podcasts for the Week of September 7th

Here are this weeks featured 5 podcasts… a very random assortment this week, but that is what podcasting is all about, right? Find shows in this collection featuring beauty pageants, politics, nerds and more for the week of September 7th – th, 2009.

1. PageantCast
Commentary, Interviews and News related to Beauty Pageants in the U.S.A. We discuss the ever changing face of pageants in this country and give exposure to the wonderfully talented young women that participate in pageants.

2. GadgetHovel
GadgetHovel is for geeks. Real geeks, Star Trek loving, Zelda playing, buy an Android phone because it’s shiny geeks.

3. The Conservative Fun House
James Wright and Damon Rexroad are two conservative friends who come together weekly for an all out, zany assault on the hypocrisy and idiocy of the liberal left and the spineless waffling of the GOP.

4. The Desperate Hour
What your mildly retarded neighbor would play if he had a decent record collection.

5. Geek Entertainment TV
Geek Entertainment Television explores the world of geeks — from the robot cocktail builder to the crazy cat lady to the segway polo-playing granddaddy of the personal computer to sexbot makers of the future — we go wherever their passions take us!

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