Interview: Most People Are DJs

Most People Are DJs

Most People Are DJs

I can’t get enough music! And this weeks feature proves it. Titled “Most People Are DJs”, Mikel O.D. proves that anyone can create an awesome playlist of music they love, can share it with the world, and that it is easy to do every single week. Producing alternative music episodes since 2005, this show is about 100% music fan entertainment! Read the interview to find out more, and then subscribe to the show so you don’t miss and episode.

Read the interview with the host, Mikel O.D., and find out what makes him tick, and what influences the creation of his show every week. Also, if you are a fan of the show, head over to the Most People are DJs Promotions page to use some of his discount codes to save some money.

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EVENTS: 4 Upcoming PodCamps – Atlanta, Montreal, Barcelona and Topeka


Upcoming PodCamp Events

September is a big month for PodCamp fans… especially those in Atalanta, Montreal, Barcelona and Topeka… PodCamp is coming to your town!

For those of you who are unfamiliar with PodCamp, it is a usually free BarCamp-style community UnConference for new media enthusiasts and professionals including bloggers, podcasters, YouTubers, social networkers, and anyone curious about new media. And it’s not just for podcasters, its for anyone interested in producing content for the web for social networks, podcasts, music, blogs, tweets… pretty much everything awesome.

September PodCamp Calendar:

Keep tabs on upcoming PodCamps, and maybe one will show up in your town!

Here is a promo for the upcoming Montreal PodCamp… (note: partial nudity).

A New Chapter in the Life of Podcast Alley – 5 Years in the Making

Chris McIntyre

Chris McIntyre

Many of you may have noticed an increase in content coming out of Podcast Alley recently. More podcaster interviews, more featured podcasts, more forum moderation and posting, more blog posts and more general activity. This is not a fluke… I am back!

I started Podcast Alley in 2004 and helped build many of the early concepts that made podcasting what it is today. I partnered with iTunes when they were first learning what podcasting was and provided them with their initial directory of shows to launch their podcast section of iTunes. I helped Todd Cochrane, a podcasting pioneer, with the first ever podcasting book titled “Podcasting – The Do It Yourself Guide”. And later I went on to partner with Mevio (then PodShow) to help them build their service to host podcasts and provide a way for podcast producers to make money with their shows if they chose to. It has been one hell of a ride the last 5 years.

But a new chapter is starting now as we approach the 5 year anniversary of Podcast Alley. I am focusing on rebuilding Podcast Alley to help producers make better content (and helping them learn how to make money) and will still be promoting more shows to the loyal PCA fans who look to this site every day for new audio and video entertainment. I still work with Mevio because I believe in what they do to help producers with free hosting, promotion and revenue opportunities (they are much different now than they were in the early days of podcasting). But Podcast Alley is now my focus, and I no longer help design and build the products and features for Mevio.

Thanks for all the kind emails and tweets through the transition, keep the content and new feature suggestions coming! More news coming soon.

Featured 5 Podcasts for the Week of August 31

Here is another collection of podcasts brought to you by Podcast Alley! In this featured 5 for the week of August 31 – September 6, 2009 we have another round of punk music, political talk and a few other interesting additions. Enjoy!

1. Kevin Trudeau Show
The Kevin Trudeau Show is 3 hours of honest, thought-provoking radio, designed to expose everything “they” don’t want you to know about.

2. Savage Kick
Kopper’s hardboiled show features rough & tumble rock’n’roll of the wild and untamed garage and punk varieties that’ll hit ya like a slug to your noodle. It’s part of the amazing GaragePunk Podcast network. Grab the giggle juice and prepare to get punked.

3. Vertigo Radio Live
In the year 2008, it took on the helm as an alternative news show, reporting on anything that mainstream media was not covering. Drawing from various online sources, Devin Vertigo and his plethora of co-hosts tackle alternative news from technology and bio-enhancements to the supernatural and UFOs.

4. ByteStyle
News, politics, technology & food tips for free living. Shelly Roche is a regular guest on Freedom Watch w/ Judge Nap, Peter Schiff & Ron Paul. She founded Plenticulture, + is CTO for BreakTheMatrix, a liberty-oriented media site.

5. Everything Blah
So what is Everything Blah you ask…well it is just what the title states. Everything…It is 5 guys that sit around and talking about anything from Tech news to how many spec’s are on a ceiling tile.

Interview: The Mevio Radio Podcast

Mevio Radio Podcast

Mevio Radio Podcast

We have back to back podcaster interviews this week from the music genre! What can I say, there are a lot of kick ass music podcasts out there. And Brent Bradley’s Mevio Radio Proves that. If you love the feeling of being in the front row, or back stage at a concert, this show brings it. You get great music, interviews, industry news and more. Read the interview and subscribe now!

This podcast has been around since June of 2005, bringing you the greatest classical and indie music on the planet. So if you need great new music (typically 6 tracks per episode), make sure you subscribe to the Mevio Radio Podcast to get your fill! Also, if you are a fan of the show and want to help the producer out, check out the special offers from Mevio Radio to get discounts on things like eMusic, Netflix and more! Producers like Brent work hard to bring you great shows. Pay them back by using their codes on stuff you’re going to buy anyway.

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Wizzard Media Launches 15 Podcast Specific iPhone Apps, Becomes Top App Seller

Wizzard Media

Wizzard Media

In August of this year Wizzard Media, parent of long time podcast hosting company Libsyn, started looking for alternative revenue sources. They started purchasing and releasing iPhone applications such as Word Party, Dietician and Yo Mama which seemed very confusing to what I saw as their primary business… podcast hosting and distribution. But they surprised us again by releasing 15 new iPhone applications for specific podcasts on their network. I can only believe that they used the Yo Mama application to learn how to build and sell iPhone applications.

I had read the press release about the new podcast specific iPhone applications being released, but I did not rush out to see what the applications looked like or how they worked. But according to new information, the engagement of the show audiences has launched a few of the applications to the top 100 sales list for iPhone applications!

The Tii iPhone App (show profile), according to Libsyn, has been “available in the App store August 15th, has been purchased by 9% of the show’s monthly unique podcast audience in the first 11 days, rising to a high of number 19 in the top 100 list of all paid Productivity Apps.” That is actually really impressive considering there are over 65,000 iPhone applications with over 1.5 Billion downloads. So props to Wizzard Media for helping podcasters find another way to make money, and for building cool new features that people will actually use.

Top News Site Alltop Adds Podcast Alley to Podcast News Category!



A BIG thanks to the team at for including the Podcast Alley Blog in the podcasting news section of the Alltop site. For those of you who do not know, is an online news service that describes themselves as “…an online magazine rack of popular topics” where you can “Pick a topic by searching, news category, or name, and we’ll deliver it to you 24 x 7.”

This site was created by a trio of friends (including Guy Kawasaki), and the site aggregates the top news feeds from across the net and categorizes everything for you. They show you the top 5 stories from a bunch of different blogs on the category page so you can find the best of the best in that topic. Needless to say, it is really cool to see Podcast Alley’s Blogging from the Alley news feed show up.

If you have not tried out their service, you can create your own account (like mine here), and add feeds from every genre to keep yourself up to date on the latest news on your interests.

Google Labs Releases Audio Podcast Player, Google Listen

Google Listen

Google Listen

A new Google Labs feature was released a few weeks ago for all of the podcast fans out there called Google listen. This application, built for your Android phone, brings podcasts and web audio to your Android-powered device. It lets you search, subscribe, download and stream. By subscribing to programs and search terms it will create a personalized audio-magazine loaded with fresh shows and news stories whenever you listen. In this release Listen is indexing thousands of popular English-only audio sources.

In the user group for this new service people are already starting to get restless waiting for a new release. Their hope is that they will be able to manually add their own subscriptions via RSS since many podcasts are missing. But of course Google’s reply is that their search is good enough that they should be able to find any podcast they want, thanks to their giant index of content.

I have not heard many reviews about the application yet, but it is a good first step for Google and Android in letting people enjoy great audio content from their portal devices. Have you used Google Listen for your phone? Leave us a comment!

Google Listen

Google Listen Main Screen

IRS Podcasts – Tries to Help Save Money on Your Taxes

IRS Podcast

IRS Podcast

It seems that I have, for some reason, been hearing a lot about taxes for the last few weeks. Maybe it is just the people I know, or maybe people are trying to save money considering the economic downturn this year. But more and more people are definitely starting to plan early for this years taxes. The nice thing is that the IRS has noticed this trend and have made an aggressive move towards helping people plan and save on their taxes this year.

It’s not a new podcast series, but the information released in the IRS Podcast is all relative to this year. You will find podcast episodes about education tax credits, home energy tax credits, deductions for vehicle donations and more in the IRS Podcast series. Subscribe to this podcast to stay updated with the latest from the IRS.  It’s your chance to hear it direct from the source.

They have a ton of additional audio and video tax resources available on their website for you to check out as well. If you have a minute, you should tune in to the IRS experts and see what opportunities may exist for you to save money on your taxes this year.

Interview: The Mothpod Podcast

The Mothpod Podcast

The Mothpod Podcast

Everyone can pick music they will love, but picking music that other people will love is a whole different story. And picking 12 new tracks every single week for other people is even harder. But somehow Zack Daggy, host of The Mothpod podcast, keeps cranking out news episodes with great indie music that people want to listen to.

The show features bands and artists from both near and far, established and emerging, signed and unsigned; The Mothpod presents only he best and brightest talent that the music industry has to offer.

Read the interview now, featured on the home page of Podcast Alley.

You can always find the latest featured podcaster interviews on the home page of the Podcast Alley site or if you like, subscribe directly to the Podcast Alley Featured Podcaster Interviews feed. Do you have a show that you think is good enough to be featured on Podcast Alley? Submit the show in the comment, or email me: info at!