Miro Video Player Upgrades, Supports Audio Podcasts!

Miro 2.5 Announced, Now with Audio Podcasting Support!

Miro 2.5 Announced, Now with Audio Podcasting Support!

For those of you who love to watch online video and listen to audio in style, you will love the new release of the miro player and podcast client (version 2.5). As the image above indicates, they are touting “faster performance, audio podcasts and lots of polish”… all of which we here at Podcast Alley are big fans of.

I have been using miro for years now to enjoy online content from their directory of video shows and to download all of our favorite video podcasts for offline watching. But with the recent upgrade, they FINALLY support audio podcasts! Audio podcasting is still a hugely successful area (you heard me right, not everyone wants to watch video all the time) and I am glad to see they have finally decide to support the audio podcast subscription feature and directory. They only thing the application seems to be missing is a link to Podcast Alley for people to find even more great audio and video shows!

Find out more about whats new in this new version by reading their official version 2.5 blog announcement.

Obligatory application screenshot:

The Miro 2.5 Interface

The Miro 2.5 Interface

Tech, Music & Woodworking – Featured Podcasts for Manly Men

Men rejoice! Another installment of the Featured 5 from Podcast Alley is upon us, and this one is for the manly man. With shows covering tech, urban music news and woodworking… these are sure hits for the real men out there (and for a few ladies I know, too). Checkout the hand-picked selection below and maybe you will find something new to love.

Photo from User freeparking on Flickr

Photo from User freeparking on Flickr

1. Urban Music News
If you are in to hip hop or rap music, or you are just intrigued by the urban culture, you are going to want to tune into the Urban Music News video podcast. Your host, Greg Nice, dishes out the most up to date news about Hip Hop, Soul and Reggae cultures.

2. Bootcamp, A Report on Computers and Technology
Bootcamp, a 90 second report broadcast on Bloomberg Radio, contains a wide assortment of reviews and interviews. Technology correspondent Fred Fishkin talks about the latest trends, the people behind the products and some of the off-beat things you can find online…like his own TechTales!

3. Too Smart Guys
How to videos and reviews on the latest mods for the PSP, iPhone, Xbox 360, PS3 and Apple TV presented by two regular guys who live in a rural town in the middle of Wyoming USA. The show is vastly user-created taking tutorials and suggestions from the audience and fans.

4. The Wood Whisperer
This video podcast offers a refreshing look at an age-old craft. Marc delivers solid woodworking advice with a sense of humor. The show is funny, unapologetic, and smart. Its woodworking with a twist!!

5. The T4 Show
This is a technology podcast for those seeking cutting-edge data presented in a down-to-earth manner. Get product reviews as well as tips and tricks, new product unboxing and much more!

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TiVo Finally Adds Video Podcast Subscriptions!

TiVo Supports Video Podcasting

TiVo Supports Video Podcasting

After having missed the boat for the last 4 years, TiVo has finally integrated one of the most interesting features to their devices in years… subscribing to any video podcast!

While they were one of the early adopters in podcasting with a library of pre-selected audio/video shows from top providers such as Mevio and Revision 3, you could never easily manually add a video podcast subscription (via RSS feed) to the system. That has all changed with the latest updates available for TiVo Series3, TiVo HD, and TiVo HD XL DVRs.

According to CNET News, here are the basics on how users can subscribe to a video podcast on their TiVo:

“TiVo also announced that it will allow users to input video podcast RSS feeds to watch those shows that they can’t find on their TiVo Web Video listing.

To do so, subscribers will need to use the “Custom RSS Feeds” option in the “Browse Web Videos” menu. That option will allow them to input a show’s RSS feed with their remote. If it’s a valid link, they can decide to watch a single episode or subscribe to the feed through Season Pass. They can also watch past episodes.”

How to Prepare to be on TiVo:

TiVo has also published their guidelines on how best to prepare for playing on the TiVo DVR. The guidelines cover everything from video format and compression to how to validate that your podcast is TiVo compatible. For all of the related information, head over the the TiVo published guidelines website.

Finally, there will be additional new popular content available for subscription on the TiVo box as well. Starting Wednesday, subscribers will be able to watch free video podcasts from several providers, including CBS, Fox, Oprah, and more. But to be honest, the real story here is that you can add your own custom RSS feed for subscription to your TiVo… about time!

Below is a screenshot of what you can expect to see when subscribing in the new interface.

Video Podcasts on TiVo

Image & More Details at Ecoustics.com

Early Social Media Company SplashCast Calls it Quits

SplashCast Throws in the Towel

SplashCast Throws in the Towel

One of the earlier players in new media/social media, SplashCast, has officially thrown in the towel and called it quits. The Portland, Oregon based start-up CEO Mike Berkley had the following to say in the official closing blog post,

“…over the last few months the company has had to make difficult decisions relating to allocation of limited resources.   SplashCast has been unable to secure the necessary funding to continue operations.  SplashCast accomplished great things with tiny resources.  Despite the fact that we were ultimately unable to survive the headwinds we faced, it’s remarkable what we were able to achieve”.

Playing in the online space since 2004, the company became more widely known in early 2007 when they started getting into the social space releasing tools very similar to the Mevio tools including: building channels, organizing online content, delivering unique online advertising campaigns, delivering video to facebook and myspace and more.

It is sad to see another online media company forced to call it quits, but I guess it opens the doors for the ones out there still working hard and living the dream to be successful.

(insert moment of silence for SplashCast)

Midwest Teen Sex Show Picked Up By Comedy Central!

Midwest Teen Sex Show on Comedy Central

Midwest Teen Sex Show on Comedy Central

If you are not familiar with the Midwest Teen Sex Show, you are missing out on a real (sexual education) treat. This video show is a comedic sketch show that has its own unique way of telling the world about popular sex-related topics such as: condoms, intercourse and the influence that the internet (and Saved by the Bell) have on teens sex lives.

But the big story here is not the quality of the content (although it is a high-quality production from writing to videography), the story is about the Midwest Teen Sex Show being picked up for a pilot by Comedy Central! Congratulations guys!!

From Entertainment Weekly:

“Comedy Central unveiled its new programming slate today, and it’s pretty standard CC: Dude shows, cartoons, cartoons about dudes, gettin’ high, stand-up stuff. But there was one surprising bright spot: Midwest Teen Sex Show…which is nowhere near as filthy as it sounds, is a hilarious but legitimately informative Web series that explores issues of sex and sexuality through sardonic, often bizarre sketch comedy.”

I’m not the first to congratulate the guys at MTSS, but allow me to throw mine on the pile. It’s great to see long time podcasters (listed on Podcast Alley since 6/2007) see such success.

The Condom Episode:

Did I Forget to Mention – Podcast Alley is on Twitter

Twitter Logo

Podcast Alley on Twitter

I may have forgot to mention to all of you, but Podcast Alley is indeed on Twitter. You can find me at @podcastnews on twitter (a squatter has the real podcast alley name, so this one will have to do for now). You may be asking, what the heck is twitter? There new tag line explains it all saying they help you “Share and discover what’s happening right now, anywhere in the world”.

Visit www.twitter.com to find out more, and follow me to stay up to date on the latest happenings at Podcast Alley. There is a good chance you will find interesting things in the Podcast Alley twitter stream that you will not find any place else.

Podclass Helps Podcasters Teach Their Audience

Podclass LogoPodclass is a free online network for video podcast producers who are in the educational space. And by educational I’m not talking about schools… I am talking about anyone who has something to teach. Want tips on how to stay healthy? They have teachers for that. What to learn how to cook? They can teach you that too!

They describe themselves as, “the first online marketplace for the buying, selling and sharing of expertise in the form of online classes and video podcasts. With our powerful technology and easy-to-use course set-up wizard, anyone can create a class and share it with world… in a matter of minutes! And each podclass becomes a virtual community of like-minded individuals who’ve come together to learn, share and teach others.”

To be honest, I had a hard time finding great content on the site, but that does not mean the idea is not a good one. It seems like all they might really need is an adventurous podcaster who is already creating great free content to start testing it out and using it for good. I could see this growing up to be a really powerful tool for podcast producers who create shows to educate their audiences that also require a place to collaborate online (in the form of forums, wikis, and other online tools).

The kinda nerdy details:

  • You setup courses with modules and your students can follow your course outline
  • You can setup homework assignments for your students, and they can submit videos, pictures and text files for those assignments
  • Each of your modules allows you to upload a video, or you can just embed the video from your host (like mevio or youtube)
  • You set the price or give it away for free
  • Free tools are available to create forums, wikis and more within their site

What are your thoughts? Have you tried podclass as a video producer? Contact me or leave a comment to let us know!

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Recording Podcasts on iPhone – From AudioBoo!

What, you aren’t AudioBoo-ing yet? You are SOOOO behind the times :)  Okay, not really, but AudioBoo is a pretty cool little service.

What is It:
AudioBoo is an iPhone application for recording and sharing up to 3 minute audio clips with the world. You record directly from the iPhone app and it instantly uploads it to your online account and shares it with your friends. You can add titles, text, geolocation info and photos too! The files are all saved and stored online as mp3′s, hosted on AudioBoos website.

Why Should Podcasters Use It?
Podcasts come in all shapes, sizes, styles and formats. Some are hour long weekly video podcasts and some are shorter audio only shows. That is all well and good, but what do you do when you do not have time for a full show or you find yourself in a situation where you need to record and share with your audience immediately but don’t have all your equipment (like when you run into Angelina Jolie on the street and she stops to talk to you)? You AudioBoo!

Show Us Examples of How it Works!
Ok, ok. My wife (fitness podcaster @fitness, producer of the Fit Life video podcast) started testing AudioBoo as a way to give quick, easy tips to her audience. Below is an embeded version of that episode (widget provided by AudioBoo). As she finds new topics of interest she wants to get them out as fast as possible, so she just talks into her iPhone, and BAM! — AudioBoo.

What Does the App Look Like?
You know I wouldn’t talk about it and not show you examples, so here is the recording screen of the iPhone app. Click to their iTunes page to see all the screenshots.

Final Notes:
AudioBoo is a simple to use, no hassle, no nonsense way to record and distribute short audio comments. Think of it as twitter for audio! I think there are lots of interesting things that could come from AudioBoo, but only time will tell. I’m rooting for them!

Get the AudioBoo iPhone App Here!

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Top 10 Podcasts for May 2009 – Tech Podcasts Edition

Featured 10 - May 2009

Top 10 Tech Podcasts - May 2009

It is kind of interesting to watch what podcasts come and go, and what shows become popular over the years. With that in mind, I wanted to start tracking and promoting some of the top shows in specific categories in the Podcast Alley directory. For this first round I give you the Top 10 podcasts for the month of May, 2009 – Technology related podcasts!

Top 10 Technology Podcasts for May 2009 on Podcast Alley:

  1. HDTV and Home Theater Podcast
  2. AV Rant Home Theater Podcast
  3. PodCacher
  4. Exotic Liability
  5. Linux Outlaws
  6. Nikonians Talk Radio
  7. Going Linux
  8. Security Now!
  9. Jesus Geek Podcast
  10. The Mac Geek Gab

Why Do I think This List is Accurate?

I think this list speaks very well to our current economic times… just think about it for a second…. what happens during a recession and during war times? People like to bunker down, save cash and start enjoying time with family and close friends. These shows prove that! The top 2 shows are about home theaters (getting yours setup to spend time with your friends and family AND saving money on movie tickets too) as well as a couple of shows on switching your computers operating system to Linux, the free alternative to Windows and Mac operating systems.

What Do You Think?

What do you think of this list and the explanation? What shows do you think deserved to be in the top 10 this month? Answer in the comments below!

How to Subscribe to Podcasts in iTunes (slideshow)

Subscribe to Podcasts in iTunes

Subscribe to Podcasts in iTunes

I was recently reading a blog post on the CNET website titled Getting started with podcasts in iTunes and found one of the remarks by the author quite interesting. He said, “…podcast nerds like myself don’t do enough evangelism around podcasts…”and it really got me thinking. What have I done lately to promote podcasting to people who don’t know about it?

Podcast Alley started as a place for people who knew nothing about podcasting (which at that time was 99.99999% of the population) to find great shows. Over time, it has evolved a bit more into a place for podcasters to share information, tips, tricks and to promote their shows. There is nothing wrong with that, but I might tip-toe a bit back into promoting podcasting as well, for those who may not know about it.